My Mother Is Evil And My Father Does Not Deal With It Effectively

I have always perceived my mother to be evil. She has said and done some unthinkable things, always trying to look like the righteous one at the same time.

Recently I have started to see the dark energy that rules her. She is ambivalent about sin, feeling like it is something that should be ignored. She believes that the person sinning is helplessly sinful. In particular, she believes that men are sinful due to having high sex drives. At the same time, she seems to believe that the person that is sinned against is helplessly sinful. In particular, she believes that women are sinful because they have bodies that are sexually attractive to men. She believes that having a woman's body is sinful because men can be sexually tempted by looking at the woman's body.

It's like she thinks the body has a mind or it created itself for the purpose of sin.

She comes from an orthodox Catholic background. Her mother used to condemn her as being vain if she looked in the mirror. Her mother used to accuse her of being proud, immoral or showing off if she enjoyed the presence of and the attention given by male visitors, relatives like her brother in laws.

She has many gender issues from her background. She heard from her family that her father turned his face away in disgust when she was born because she was the 6th female baby in a row, i.e. he had hoped for a son. The 7th child was a boy, her brother. Her parents bought him lots of toys and treated him like he was special, like he was a little prince. But she did not get any toys. She was not treated like she was special.

Maybe she is very psychologically confused by this unfairness. She seems to be confused by why there are two genders, male and female. She does not seem to see the existence of gender or sexual problems as challenges to love, challenges that can increase Christian 'agape' love. Agape is a Greek word that stands for unselfish love, a kind of love that does not look for a compliment or praise from fellow human beings but seeks to give emotionally to the other human being in the relationship.

She does many evil things in secret that cannot be proven but she acts more religious than the rest of us.

She needs help.

My father is too weak to correct her when she speaks judgementally against me, threatening me and scaring me. He seems to believe that if she successfully pretends to be a good mother, she has a relationship with me that encourages her to be righteous. Also, he seems to believe that I need her to be a mother figure. Both these things are untrue. I think she should be corrected in love and truth when she says something to me that she should not say. And I don't depend on her to be a mother. In fact, I feel she needs mothering and lots of kindness and respect and a sense of safety in the home. 

Please pray if you believe in praying. If not, please send good thoughts our way. There is often a lot of tension in the house. My father is sort of emotionally weak himself, very dependent on attention and praise from people. I feel he competes for attention and praise. He is dependent on feeling like the attractive one. He does not handle constructive criticism well at all. He expects me to be silent to be righteous. 

He tries hard to be the spiritual leader in the house but I don't think he has the knowledge or the correct spiritual beliefs to have one. He has a good heart and good energy but he does not realise that this is not enough to take care of the spiritual matters in our house. He does not see the seriousness of having someone (my mother) in the house who has a demonic energy inside them and is hiding it very well at most times.

I am praying that my father will listen to me more and become more in tune with my opinion on how my mother's words, tone of voice, and dark energy (which cannot be proven) should be treated.

We all in our family (my brother, me and my parents) try to be good Christians but I feel my mother needs special attention and healing. My father's emotional dependence on attention and his invalid insisting on being the spiritual leader in the house is really draining me. When I work on my mother's character telepathically, my father clamours for attention and often shuts down the process thus slowing down things. 

I am on a break from employment, choosing to work on my psychological issues with my family. I need to achieve success with my mother's psychological and spiritual healing in oder to get healing for myself. But my father seems self-obsessed and uncaring about the issue, believing that silence and outward good behaviour are adequate for the family's emotional needs. I feel silence is often masked anger and frustration at not receiving the kind of treatment we expect from people. Outward good behaviour again masks a lot of the evil that my mother does in secret. My mother turns people against each other using her negative thoughts causing judgementalism and rift.

Your support in writing comments to my story would be greatly appreciated.

Update of the 24th of August, 2010

My parents are evil. They have been destroying my romantic and work relationships. Recently, they have been keeping people from speaking to us directly about their dark spiritual activities.

Currently, there is someone wonderful who could rescue me from having to live with my parents. They have been trying to keep him from speaking to me directly. Please send good thoughts so that two things happen (1) people speak up about the evil that they know my parents to be doing and (2) I get rescued from having to live with them.
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