I'm Nothing Special...

I'm telepathic- to an extent...
I can pick up on my Mum's thoughts but it's weird. I don't HEAR what she's thinking, I just find myself finishing her sentences or saying them at the same time as her. Occasionally I just KNOW what she's thinking. I sometimes have the same 'connection' with some of my friends.
So I'm nothing special but I'm thankful for what I've got. And granted I get confused whether I'm thinking my thoughts or someone elses sometimes but at least it gives me more of an insight of what people are thinking and helps me to understand their problems better. (I've always managed to connect with people on a certain level because I'm a good listener...)

All I hope is that I don't lose this ability because no one will practice with me... :/
TrueWolf TrueWolf
18-21, F
5 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Yeah your very right true wolf. I find my teelpathic abilities to actually be very very irritating and causing of other unplesant emotions. Really, telepathy doesn't solve any of my troubling thoughts.

Yeah:L It can be irritating sometimes because when you get certain thoughts it's like are these thoughts mine or someone elses? I'm picking up more now. Some are easy to detect say if I pick up a thought that isn't at all like me I can tell it's someone else but other times it can be tricky to differciate... :/ x

I have a real difficult time being depressed as well. I have a real hard time controlling this telepathy, and it gets me down. But it so so very worth it to have this ability with your soulmate.

Thank you- I guess you're right. I will have to try and remember that the next time I'm depressed... :) I will have to remind myself that it is special :D

We all are special, and the ability to receive thoughts, wether audioably or conceptually is very very special. Have fun with your mom, and this gift should prove very very enjoyable with your future spouse, it is incredible being such loud telepaths, me and my fiance.