I Know You Heard Me

I can telepath whit people. I have learned how to use it on my mom. She don't know that I often telepath to her. I don't think she belives it, but if she did and get to know it she would get angry on me. I sometimes changes her mind, I am attacking her whit my thoughts. Like when we are shoping or someting like that. I think "I want that t-shirt" or "buy that jacket for me" I have also make her take me to cafeterias. I just think "please take me to a cafe" or someting like that. It is scary, becouse if I have a bad the then everything gets the opposite what I telepath to a person. But sometimes I accidently send my thoughts to some one. That is not so good. I have to learn to control it so it don't get a way when I don't want it to, but I am still learning to control it and send my thoughts to others. But I am starting to get good on it!
Wolf1996 Wolf1996
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

That's very very good you are developing your gift. I can't tell you how many times I have sent my thoughts to others accidentally. It is really hard to control, particularly when emotional. I would suggest you try to convince your mom to spoil you less, work to earn your rewards and they will come, use your gift for good not selfishness.