Im only 16 and since i turned pagan about 2 years ago ive been having all sorts of experiences. Ive always been spiritual and able to feel the presence of spirits ect but lately weird stuff has been happening. When i dream or am in deep meditation ( like a trance ) i hear voices .. but not through my ears through kinda brain wave things..... sometimes its not even a voice its just words for some reason i know are being sent into my brain .... its so hard to explain but hopefully someone else will get me . I can communicate by hearing their messages then visualising what im going to say back and it sends off. Its really hard for me to do it sometimes and it fades in and out but would love to develop it.
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well it's good your developing the ability. Do you know where these voices are coming from? There are good spirits and bad spirits that talk to us. Unfortunately the bad spirits quite frequently pretend to be nice and be our friend and be looking for our best interests, when they so very much aren't.