Calling All The Righteous Telepaths

It is all fine and dandy that accidental thought leakage occurs amongst some telepaths but the fact is those telepaths that are violating the rules of God and human nature that the rest of the non-telepathic society follows to ensure everyone has rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness ought to be eliminated.

If they are to use their powers to do evil, then their should be a code of conduct enforced by the strongest telepaths that would set a decree and vote to locate and eliminate any violating telepath. Yes, it means elimination. I mean if someone was beating you daily in real life like the bully in school wouldn't you defend yourself? Would not society condone the self-defense of the abused woman or the boy harassed by a pervert? Is it not right to defend oneself to survive? Did Jesus not escape the temple before the Jews could stone him?

If they cannot be stopped and have no recourse to their own actions, they must be eliminated. That is the sad truth. Mercy will not help in stopping these violent telepaths who seem to have the ability to do abnormally strong paranormal activity with their control over EMF. This means the human body of the victim, namely their mind, but also physically, suffers inevitably as the offender rides the crest of people saying "I was not born with this or I'm sorry but I cannot control this or I did not ask for this."

Those telepaths that are engaged in daily attacks upon a victims mind and body are far different from those who have accidental connection or accidental thought leakage.

I and the other victims of this board challege the strongest telepaths to form a code of conduct and penal system to deal with these telepaths engaging in inhumanely dangerous behavior that results in the suicide or death or endless torture of victims. The laws of non-telepathic society can be enforced by the telepathic world if only the righteous will take a stand to form a group fighting those who use these gifts to do evil instead of for good.

If you are righteous and if you believe in freedom that comes from God and nature and have the guts to defend it - please step up and respond!

Calling all the righteous telepaths of this world...Step up and lead!

If you are reading this and stand for truth, liberty and justice for all - you are the RESISTANCE.

*Eliminated or any synonyms used in any thread means sensory deprivation if there is such a thing.
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I will say this as what i am, please keep to be noted i will leave that blank...This a decree against them as a word and even to myself,to not judge but allow actions to be noted within others not on purpose but by accident and within myself, i shall share this creed and abide by its nature when told to do so by cosmic guidance within the collective realm of eternal vibrations even against my own ego desires and "selfless awareness"... please find heartfelt nature if you decree the same with words of vibrations and existence , not emptiness and vast misguidance by ones self or ego attached nature... In my mind calls powers beyond the realm of existence, vibrational level earth and cosmos, a collection of existence does exist to be tampered with due to Entropy of the known universe and cosmos , any ideologies of another or of ones self should be in the nature of being servants... to power shall be deemed redeemed unless within the ultimate and sublime plan of acceptance to the laws of natural cosmic and vibrational existences and their field of motion be it electric,vibrational,internal and or external... the life Dhrama must be executed with conduct of servants nature , not self gratification nature but for love,light,peace, Padre.YHWH,Amore si perfecto,pántote , the eternal word... actions justified only by overwhelming concern from the ultimate conciousness and without presidency to ones self not just in religion but within cosmic existence are to still be done with knowledge given not taken from the tree of knowledge "above normal vibrations" As what i am and for the word eternal that is me or to be of me i state this, if you do you know better and are to live in the garden but eat of the fruit charges of grand extent shall follow your flow ... others are not even within the garden and allowing for your own names sake to allow for entry by force for any sake is classed forbidden by the very eternal himself, not even due to decrees but by word divine... eating of the fruit may be seen but what is not seen is the end result these Majik ,they know not what they shall face when entrance past the garden... but my 12th was opened to tell you this... Kras mete pèfeksyon atann pèfeksyon soti pa pa bot ki kontamine avèk p'ap janm fini an salte pwoteksyon .. moun peti, zanj Bondye veye pòtay yo, yo soti nan bouch mwen, dan yo, kote mwen gwonde, ki moun antre nan san yo pa kè m 'ta dwe manje, ansanm ak pa kite yon chanm menm isit la ... , Amen....

What happens if you think bad/negative/hurtful thoughts about or towards someone that you feel wronged by? What if you find yourself negative towards someone out of hurt or threat or .... How do you know if you're one of the 'bad' telepaths and what do you do if you are? What about a friend of yours..? <br />
I don't think I'm evil but I do have times when I think I am. I am often afraid that I am doing something evil - causing something evil without really wanting to. It usually turns out to be rubbish. Maybe I'm not psychically powerful enough to enact my evil thoughts, which can only be a good thing. I would like to do good. How do you know if you're one of the strong ones? Is there some sort of test you can do? I'm pretty sure I've communicated telepathically with people in the past but I can't say that I've intentionally made things happen with my mind. Things do have eerie ways of working out for me but I don't take responsibility or credit for those because I don't think it's me doing it. Likewise, when ship hits the fan, I do play that 'I didn't really want to do that' card. I'd rather not but I don't know how else to defend myself when I don't know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it. I only want to do good, usually. But you know when people hurt you and you want to hurt them back? Or sometimes you're not sure what it is but you feel really put out by someone, like they're taking over you in some way and you want to push them away to give yourself space and sometimes it gets to be so suffocating that you want to actually scream at them and make them back down.<br />
I like that you say we're entitled to defend ourselves but I've never felt the 'right' to do that. I've wanted to retaliate when someone attacks me but I end up paralysed and confused as to what to do. I usually do the very minimum, if anything, and walk on with some fear and weakness.

Keep the faith. You're not evil. I'm talking about victims of so called "PSI vampires"
I note that some of them have abilities that go beyond thought transmission. Here we come to the area of the super conscious and telekinis, aerokinis, items you just don't want to know about.......but I'm sure, from other posts, and my own experience, physical symptoms may be caused directly by those who would have those abilities.

I pray for all the victims. God protect us.

When you feel like you want to defend yourself and can't seem to do it...he/they may be blocking your will to fight to stop you from defending yourself. If this happens you can force their will away and fight them back. Make your will for self-defense stronger than theirs to stop you. I'm getting pretty good at that...removing their blocks and fighting back.

I would say what i said before... Why must you fight amongst yourselves... Give to eternal what is eternal's.. Forgive them and tell them to change , accept and walk away and leave it with eternal for it is within that vibration that all vibrations stem..

Thank you!!

Any justice served by ones self is noted unacceptable... ask eternal to deal with it... and then if the feeling does not serve you then you must let it go... with this comes growth.. but as a being of knowing , i see your issue i can reply on here or in private for your personal solution but it is not you so you can breath love....

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Are yu familiar with Psychic Sylvia Browne who appears on Montel Williams show? I think she manipulated me.It turned out really bad. Close to suicide. And one even messed with my children. That is crossing the line there. But I'm not sure if it was really her or a dark entity that interuppted her message to me. I agree there needs to be laws. It;s oartially why I'm scard to further my spirtuality because I dont know who is bad or good.

blanket statement, give to eternal and let the echo follow through your heart and level cosmos current,past and present and beyond... High always beats low... but its not vengeance is mine , its will be thine...

I wholeheartedly agree. But how do we get there? Not all telepaths know about each other.

Well Brain tests like EEG's certainly aren't go to solve the problem I can tell you that much...

That makes me think. You know Buddhist masters are often reported to have 'psychic' abilities - telepathy, precognition, levitation (even more extreme, in my view) etc.? Well, experiments have been conducted on these abilities in devoted meditators and they've released some bizarre and convincing results from them. Like the triple blind test where the meditators/monks were able to change the pH (acidity) of something in a box by just meditating with the box in front of them. Neither the experimentors nor the monks knew what was in it. The pH was measured before the boxes were randomly assigned and after the meditation, the boxes were sent unopened to another lab where the pH was tested again. Then those second set of pH values were relayed back to the first pH lab and they were checked against the originals. They found significant changes in pH. I think it was a vial of water that was in the boxes. But I can't remember.
Anyway, there are lots of tests like that. And people who have that sort of mastery on their own state - master meditators being a good example - can be read with EEG and MRI to an extent. I've worked with brainwave manipulation, inducing deep calm, and agitation, and it's pretty amazing to see it coming out on a screen or printed simultaneously on paper.
One great use for biofeedback like EEG is that you can monitor your own state - there are apps and other ways to do this now in your own personal life without having to go to a lab or hospital. You can see how far off the deeply meditative state you are and that can (and has done for me) help you get your mind and brain totally chilled and together. I think this technology is great.
And maybe you're thinking, 'but what about the psychic attackers? calming yourself down to a meditative state isn't going to help that!' - FALSE. It does help. It helps a lot. If you can stay calm and go into meditation, you'll find the answers to how to deal with / ward off the demons/attackers/destructive energy. This is a challenge to make ourselves stronger.

if you inbox me , enjoy taking no pills red or blue but rather energy eternal and colours multi spectrum in purity..

if your like me you turn every single last power off.. but etneral will open third eye by force to show you.. then its not you to blame.. its for eternals voice echoing injustice inside you... but no action must be your own , always self servant those actions tend to be... let the echo be the voice.. its within the Rawr of the lion that instils fear.. people dont step further than that unless they are really stupid but then i feel sorry for them , eternal has killed me before and also saved me many times.. if i am under his grace i dont want to think of what is to be with these...

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