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Are Telepathic Sexual Bonds For Real And How Do They Happen?

There is a person I have had and still have a strong sexual desire for; felt this chemical attraction between us. Both of us are married- not to eachother :-) I don´t see him very often but the two times this year that I actually did see him, was when I actively reached out to him telepathically, telling him I really wanted to see him. It´s all in the realm of phantasy, we have never talked about these things. I do have phantasy sex with him regularly and it´s incredible!!! Feels very real, as if he is there and even as if we are talking back and forth.
Is this all just by chance and just my imagination/ wishful thinking? Am I becoming schizophrenic??? Is there a possibility that he feels what I´m doing? Many questions........
Jaypanther Jaypanther 36-40, F 7 Responses Oct 28, 2011

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Just watch out not to act on that energy, for men is an ego booster to have an affair with a married woman, but they won't marry her for fear that she will cheat on them too!

It's quite likely that while you have another man on your mind your husband does pick up on this and also fantasises about someone also ... remember its not just about you and the ex.. the whole energy you are giving off affects all those you have your energy involved in

I don't think you are crazy. I was telepathic with my brother from the time I was 3 til I turned 8 and it just disappeared. Telepathic as in we could literally talk to eachother in our minds and thought the same...about everything! We never truley realized this until we got older and discussed memories at the table one evening. Anyhow we still do things around the same's insane! He's in the army and I'm in college and we don't find out until we visit home for the weekends. For instance, getting our wisdom teeth out in the same week or watching a movie at the same's all real and just crazy! Anyone who claims to be telepathic I don't judge because I know personally it's possible. Go telepaths!

i don't think he wants to talk about it. He protects himself a lot and is a very conservative person. He kind of leader role, once when he saw me show up at a meeting, his face lit up, and people all saw that. He was very embarrassed afterwards, and made me see him sitting next to a lady the next day, meaning that he treats every female the same. I am not sure whether he has the same feeling, but even if he has, he will kill it, or he will hide it, this i know for sure. For he is kind of male who is popular among ladies, and i am the opposite type.

i have the exactly same experience. And i cannot tell whether he feels the same. This once went so far that I mentally broke down. I believe even if he feels the same, he won't allow it to happen. It is doomed.

Hey Lilysui! Do you have a chance to talk to him about this? These things can drive you crazy. And then, if one finds out that the person IS in fact feeling the same, what does it help, unless they would also do something about it. It just makes things worse. For me the worst is not being able to talk openly with him and thus being able to work it through.

Nothing is ever just by chance; you are manifesting. Be careful you don't become caught up in the midst of what you are creating. Unless you are willing to deal with the circumstances you create. Blessed be!

It is very interesting what you have on your mind and you'll receive so many different comments on this. My thoughts are that since it seems so real then you don't need to do something about it to make it real. On your mind already is, but the truth is that you really want to do something about it, right? Certainly it would be delicious to have that coincidence that whoever you desire also desires you but, it seems is not always the case. For your experiences that you shared with EP I assumed your repressed sexuality creates those strong and delicious fantasies. You may have strong reasons to stay married with someone you don't love. If that person loves you must feel miserable not receiving love in return but keeping you hostage to be able to love you must not be love at all on his part. I wonder what really keeps you both together then.

yes, if I knew for sure that these things are not just co-incidence or my imagination and that this man is feeling the same I do, I wouldn´t hesitate. But just to mention: I´ve had lots of telepathic or psychic experiences that have nothing to do with sex.

Same here. I've recently had an increase in telepathy with certain individual. Some things are general and some sexual.