Natalie Portman Has A Telepathic Following? and other thoughts

What if this had some truth to it in some shape or form? I doubt she does consciously but maybe she'd like to if it were possible. Early this morning (12-29-2011) before 6 am I was paruzing the astral plane and I heard the voice of someone speaking who was addressing multiple people. I could feel the people she was addressing felt like an exclusive group and they were being addressed by a woman who was preparing them for something big. I don't know what it was but it was almost the type of environment many people find themselves in at the first day of a job or in grade school where workers or students were asked to wear name tags to get acquainted with each other. Some people were asking who she was and she didn't answer them straight forward. She said stuff like "I'm the person that you pass by on the street" and other stuff like that. I think she was referring to the energy of consciousness that envelops everyone. Other people were interested in socializing with her and asking questions so I simply asked what her name was. At first it felt like I wasn't gonna get an answer and then I slipped out of being in the state to interact with her (like partially waking up and slipping out of the dream state). so I focused my energy to get back to where I was and then I asked again for the name of the individual. I had to ask about 3 times. I didn't hear the words but she asked me what my name was and so I told her " Batman or Bruce Wayne" and then my last name. A few warm peaceful moments passed and then she proceeded to speak her name. While she spoke her name a woman materialized right in front of me and I was in my apartment kitchen. She was topless and I felt around her waste, not knowing she was topless. Then I felt I should move my hands up to her chest and I felt her breasts and they felt great. I circled her nipples with my pointer fingers and whoever it was had nice nipples probably a cm across. Her body felt a little cold though, not like she was a cold person, just that she was vibrating at a lower frequency perhaps because of what we were doing; not being married and all.  Whoever it was might have had the same experience from my touch for all I know--if they were conscious enough during the experience This is the first time I actually felt a woman's breasts in the astral plane. Getting acquainted with this field doesn't mean you're going to have intimate experiences. I don't believe they come if your intentions are perverted. I have seen breasts before many times on the astral plane mainly from people I'm not sure who they were. I'm convinced this is because women love to show off their breasts to men that they like or are attracted to. The astral plane is a great place to do this because when you're not in your body it doesn't affect your body like it would if it was in real life. The body doesn't necessarily experience arousal along with the soul.  A man gets to savor the contours of a woman's breasts without feeling the need to lust or procreate. Moments like this ought to be enjoyed while we sleep. Not married in real life? Messing around isn't something I suggest. Perhaps the cold helped me to realize that it isn't necessarily the right situation to be savoring someone's breasts,  speculate. Right before the woman's body was right against mine the voice said "Natalie" and I was thinking "hrm I really only know 1 Natalie that I was romantically interested in while growing up" and I thought of a girl I knew named Natalie from high school then a few moments later I heard "Natalie Portman". The voice didn't seem to necessarily come from the body I was grasping though, it was more like on its own frequency, and I didn't see her face so I don't know if it was Natalies body but I believe there was a good chance that it was hers. I did a little research afterwards and found out that she's engaged to a French dancer and has a child and those were two facts I didn't know. Towards the end of the experience I felt Ashton Kutcher's energy and I was like "blech". When a man has done something physical with a woman he doesn't want to be reminded of another man, especially if he has a small reputation as a playboy. If the body was hers I believe she might be of the school of thought that a woman can get a guy to follow her if she just gives him a little "sugar". The reality is that if you're of this school of thought you're really only going to attract dogs. Am I a dog because I enjoy  the feel and shape of a grown woman's breasts? Place and time; place and time. Marriage is a dignified time for this. I doubt your dad, your grandfather and all the rest of your forefathers didn't enjoy to feel their wife's breasts. There's a time and a place for everything. A word to the wise is that if you're a woman that doesn't enjoy the idea of your knight in shining armor enjoying your breasts in a committed and faithful setting like marriage then you're probably going to have a lot of problems in your relationship.
The woman's body is a tool of arousal for men enjoy... place and time; place and time. The best time I know this is true is marriage.

Little did I know was that both Natalie and Ashton were in a movie together in the last few years and I think they slept together in the movie and the name of the movie was "No strings attached" so I'd expect they had some kind of love scene together. These are all pieces of things that I didn't know before I had this experience. I came out from it thinking "I think Natalie would make a great wife" only to be disappointed by the fact she was engaged and has a kid and by the idea that she probably got a little too freaky with Ashton. At any rate I'd love to know if she was conscious during our conversation. I'm a big believer in what Freud said when he said that when people go to sleep they leave their body and socialize with other people. I think that's the only thing I actually believe is true that Freud said, though. I'm hoping to find out to see if she was conscious while the conversation with the group of people was going on or with the conversation with me. If she was with either then she is definitely telepathic and may actually have a group of minds on the astral plane that surround her like some kind of priestess. As a mind evolves it looks for feedback from other sources to validate its the good and to encourage evolution.  From what I gather she's heading in the right direction with her concerns for other people and with her desire to use her influence to lead some like minded people that will take seriously some of her healthy viewpoints and / or beliefs that she treasures but she hasn't learned about the importance of Divine "circuitry" that connects one lover to another romantically and the way divine use of the procreative power protects and alternative uses can cause us fall short in big ways. Sex in marriage keeps bonds, sex outside it breaks them. Divine procreation is God standard and the others are not. I know he supports marriage because of the "vows" or covenants or commitments made and fidelity is fundamental to keep them.

Natalie thought of me for a moment or two late pst (sometime around 11:00 pm) so I decided to clean up this article to make it a better read.
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Jan 1, 2012