**** Cheney Everyone Knows You're A Crook

Hey **** Cheney. Haliburton stock!! yea man!! Let's invest in it and use your political position to do what you can to add value to it!! Even things that only look shady. HORAAY!! Anyone that doesn't suspect you served too many bad masters during your run as vice president hasn't really looked at your resume. I just don't appreciate you touching my mind and getting angry at me. Don't direct your anger to someone that hasn't even called you out unless you want to be called out as a guy that needs to learn to care about more than making money and protection the interest of other greedy power mongers. The media has done a great job at making people that suspect the math doesn't add up with the official report on 9/11 look like fools but you know it takes a person of small intelligence to realize you weren't on the right side of that equation. Any ways I hope you want to move on to getting out of the social circle of the people you felt you needed to go to bat for who probably ought to be placed in some stocks and publicly humiliated for being the cancer people that they are. When you're not shooting your friend in the face maybe you can be a nice guy but the anger isn't helping you and I doubt it was an aide to your heart. Robbing isn't the right way to go and because you don't want to come clean about who you've robbed or help to rob in your life you can't hide the bad spirit that followed you while in office. It seems you've softened up in the last few years but God can't sustain you when you insist to take advantage of the trusting people you served because they wanted to believe that supporting you would only be good news.

Don't touch my mind unless you feel to leak other disturbing stuff about your dealings to the public through me. We both know the evil you're willing to be capable of so tread lightly, thank you.

Update 5-26-2012
**** Cheney Snarls at me from afar.
TheTristman TheTristman
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Your releases of info... I rather enjoy watching the beginning of the end. I have the spirit to change society, and I love that there are others who may want to as well...

I am sorry your transmissions have ended. Hope no disavowing or ugly torture

what transmissions?

Do I know you or of you? What have I broadcast to you? These are articles and not either transmissions or broadcasts. I can "broadcast" a thought or image if you're sensitive to that sort of thing. Sounds like you like for me to have interest in you or your life. Like for like. If I broadcasted stuff to you the only reason it stopped is because you were willing to receive my help but give any back. I lose interest in people emotionally that don't want to give a little of their time and effort back to me. Would be best if you asked me how I could help you or what other thing you'd like from me. Maybe we have a few things in common. Don't be shy.

The leaks will continue until I, at least, am released.... I am being tortured on the "astral plane". I'm being told we're all in... I am a puppet. Do you know who I am? <br />
<br />
No y, i, like eye. eye see too... shameful trysts coming back to haunt and torture the innocent in the name of oil. we need help. I am being held against my will and was forced to submit to experimentation. I am an innocent American.... "Land of the Free" my ***!!!!!