Dream With Zachary Levi. Conan's 2nd Apearance. Ellen Feels Left Out.

As a concerted studier of the metaphysical and dream study, I assert that interactive dreams often unveil clues about people. They may be clues openly obvious to people that know the individual or they may be an indicator of a person's personality that very seldom come through out in the open.

So as far as the lifting of the curtain is concerned my dream started out as Zachery Levi unveiled his love to put on a good show with combat entertainment. He showed me a wide variety of singular and team fighting moves along side Josh Gomez. Josh only appeared in one "scene". I observed about 3 different dynamics he enjoys about the fighting scenes he's put on, the spirit he gets into while he does it and I'll explain some more details in a moment. The most memorable part of the dream was when Zach held onto to Josh's upper body and shoulders while Josh spun, allowing Zach to nail the men trying to attack him with both feet. Of course this was all "Hollywood" combat. They rotated a full circle and about 5 feet of Zach's body was unattached from Joshua, virtually parallel to the ground. Would have been safer if Josh held him over his head like in one of the Ninja Turtle movies (Zach Josh and I grew up with) when one of the turtles was held up by another and spun in a circle, hitting foot soldiers with both his legs and arms. The move looked nearly improbable and thus fit the part as if it was only practical to observe in a dream setting only.

I saw how Zach has learned to see the benefits of flexibility. He showed me how he could do very unusual kicks that would require a healthy amount of leg and body flexibility to do in real life. I could tell he has a good awareness of the importance of flexibility in martial arts.

When I watched him fight he highlighted some of the moves that both he and I thought would be out of this world impressive if he could pull them off. He did a brilliant job of making such strange moves (hardly practical for real life martial arts) intense enough to be sell-able to the viewers, even if they were real. I observed his ability to summon that rare kind of spirit in an actor that is a perfect combination of energy, athleticism and creativity. He captivated the brilliance that a person emerging into greater knowledge and ability in martial arts (like that guy you may have known from grade school that was friendly and polite but was so natural at martial arts or other sports that may have led you to feet you may never be able to compete with the kind of natural talent). It's not like he was trying that much. I feel that although he can do this well he's not particularly interested in getting too extreme with investing time in martial arts. In this dream I observed that he was really talented but didn't quite realize it.

He had the spirit of a true entertainer as I could see he realized he needed to keep his unusual style in martial arts choreographed in a way that would keep an audience entertained. He made creative strikes one after another, each being different from the last. It was like he could get into an awkward position and flow into an unusual strike or pivot his body almost like Gumby to avoid taking a shot, all while putting off each motor movement to that last split second he'd need to execute properly.

So along comes 'Conando'. Conan popped into one of my dreams and decided to get his hair cut and mix it with mine. I think this was him realizing he didn't need his hair to be unique. He also said a ton of stuff to me telepathically after that but I didn't wake myself up to write it down because it doesn't seem there are many people in hollywood interested in what their subconscious will talk to me about. And remember this important tidbit: most telepathy is never conscious for the sender meaning they just aren't conscious of the communication that's occurring. He was having a fun time so he had a lot of things to say.

Ellen appeared to me within the last few days in a dream and came into my room during a party that was held at my house. She wanted to come in and socialize and have a little fun but I could tell she didn't feel I was very excited to see her. Ellen showed me in another short astral image that she never got to a place in her life where she enjoyed being feminine. She hasn't found a place in her mind where she thinks she could dress up like a babe and use the power of her feminine spirit to get the guys to go crazy for her. If only she wanted to talk to me about this. The secret to overcome this starts within the cells of her body. A great attribute about her is she likes to think logically, and hardly lets her emotions cloud her better judgement. Many girly, emotional women could learn a thing or two from this strength because many intelligent men prefer that as a quality in a woman. Back in January 2011 I projected energy to her for a few hours one evening to see what would come of it. About a week later I felt a change in my energy field while in front of my computer. I could feel someone else's energy mixing with mine and it felt relaxing. I sat on my bed to focus on it and realized that the energy belonged to Ellen. I projected it back in great quantities and she had even more energy to send me. We exchanged it for several hours and it was great. I even said "I want you" because I could feel she had a lot of love in her heart but couldn't find the right man with a passion for her. If she learned to project a hot woman vibe at the right time in her development she'd have the pure power to summon a great man to her. Like many intelligent women sometimes intelligence scares away the majority of the men. Perhaps this is one of the things she's had to deal with in her life that makes it more convenient to choose women as an alternative. She surrounds herself with women that have learned to harness this male-attracting energy and it seems she hasn't given much thought to figure out she can do this herself. If she decides to do this and realize most men love long hair she might find it hard to stay playing for "team vagina". There is a lot of savor and fulfillment in enjoying a gentleman, but unfortunately there just aren't that many quality men out there on the market. She doesn't like violent men but what woman in her right mind does?
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jun 12, 2012