Testing The Intelligence Of Fools, Celebrities And Apostles

First off, Hi Ashton Kutcher! Visit the site much?

Where is your intellect? Is it classed among famous, the fools, the famous fools or followers of Jesus?

I don't hate on the kind and the meek, the innocent and those beloved by God, even if their intelligence is small.

I won't call anyone a fool because calling someone a fool with malice in my heart is something worthy of hell fire, and that's straight from the mouth of Jesus.

Good people that just want to help other people are the kind of folks I never want to tax emotionally or in other ways as they are the bread and butter of our lord and master, Jesus Christ. I think all of us need to understand not to harass or come down hard on the innocent.

When we're too blind to figure out even if we think someone is tough and can handle what we throw at them, we might just be wasting their time.

I've sent out about close to 13 letters to well-known people, mostly actors, at least 1 athlete and a singer just to see how they'd react to the stuff I know about them in their spiritual climb as viewed like a tv program on the astral plane. I decided to see how inspired and enlightened 2 apostles and Thomas S Monson also, prophet of the "Mormon" faith. Mormon is just a nick name.

I've written some silly things on site, wrote down stuff I never edited that needs to be updated and conclusions refreshed to come together with my current knowledge of the metaphysical. I'm sure I could and have chased away a few well-known people by either explaining 1 result meant something it didn't or by giving conclusions that were less than strong. It doesn't matter to me as I only make articles solid (in terms of content) that pertain to who I write to, as I link it to them in their letter. The data included in the articles linked to a well-known person that I've written to should have as golden and accurate conclusions as I can produce. The rest of my articles are mediocre because I just wanted to get my thoughts down but not shift the data around well enough to edify those people I was talking about.

I've learned that no matter how much you know it's nearly impossible to garner the fellowship and support of people that don't like your energy, your angle, your esteem or whatever else they have a gripe with. There are also others that are so blind that even if I present them with perfect data and perfect energy they still won't help.

Little do they understand that the blessings of exaltation given directly from God are never given to those that turn away someone in need, a beggar or otherwise. If you're a Hollywood celebrity and I test you with a letter asking for help and you do nothing than you can see how far off you are from our master, Jesus Christ. Close to perfection? Not really.

If you're a well-know person and you have no strategy to address the people that ask for your help (like knowledge, charities or other assistance) then that is a statement you are making for what you want to get out of life.

Gweneth Paltrow told me she didn't help because she's "too cheap" and this is straight from the source field. If Gweneth reads this then she can understand one thing of perhaps many she will need to work on to prepare herself for her maker.

The best way to help someone you're not willing to help with money, school, emotional support or otherwise is to offer them the best knowledge you have to help them get to the results they're trying to enjoy in their life.

Not one person I've sent a letter to has offered me even knowledge or a thank you. There are many that will argue "I haven't got the time for it, and shouldn't be expected to". Your philosophy may return like instant "karma" or will be realized in a similar way later in your life or perhaps some other way beyond this life as you learn and grow.

Here's the list of people I've written and asked for some kind of assistance. I gave them each a free gift of knowledge being that virtually no one researches this stuff. I'll add 2-3 top LDS leaders also:

Gweneth Paltrow
Justin Timberlake
Michael C Hall
Tom Cruise
Mariah Carey
Natasha Beddingfeld
Tom Welling
*sport reserved for mystery person(s)
Thomas S Monson (intended for Holland but didn't have Holland's address)
Boyd K Packer
George Lucas
Ian McKellen

I didn't ask Robert Downy for help directly because I didn't feel he'd prefer I'd ask him for help.
A free gift of education and challenge to test my claims about telepathy and whether or not I can talk to someones subconscious were given to these other 5:
Natalie Portman
Kristen Bell
Jessica Biel
Simon Baker
Alyssa Milano

The experiment was to see if any of them care. Would any of them respond and even just give me a small gift of insight or knowledge?

To Charles Barkley I gave him a free gift to help encourage his own evolution and it appeared to work as I noticed a change in his countenance

I just don't expect people to even understand the gifts I have to read people and know what they need to evolve as an individual.

Despite knowing Kristen Bell's intentions, I sent a letter any ways "Make yourself scarce" was a thing she told me one evening straight from the source plane. I don't hold people accountable like they said it to me in real life but I knew she would care less about my letter. I sent it any ways. Make yourself scarce are words you'll hear from a woman who feels her celebrity status, talents and or income entitles her better treatment than her fellow men. To her I say with absolute certainty: You're wrong. In God's eyes we're all the same and according to the Laws he's invoked into reality whatever you do to one person is just as serious as if you did it to another, whether your actions be good or evil.

A fail on this report card is evidence that no one on this list is ready for the full gifts of exaltation that God and his son have and are waiting to qualify all those willing to adapt and grow.

I tested the intelligence of the LDS apostleship.
Thomas Monson sent me an image that everything I told him about the various apostles in the letter was "right"

I wrote Boyd a letter a few days letter. His interaction with me on the astral plane let me know about the state of his subconscious or rather the part of himself he's troubled people may see in him.

"Butter me up a fat ____ing Jesus before Holland"
He was speaking in a tone modulated lower than the voice we'd hear him speak compared to the voice you'd hear on a youtube video of him.
From it I learned he looks at Thomas S Monson as being like Jesus, he's willing to talk to me in a language I'm comfortable with (I'm not offended by sware words), and he doesn't feel highly of himself.

2 things that need to improve. He's a being of immense worth. Feeling low in self-esteem is wearing him down more than anything else. Loving and accepting himself will get him much further with how he feels about life and add to his confidence.
Thomas S Monson is a great guy but no Jesus. Jesus knows who I am and Thomas Monson did not. If he did he would have responded with some kind of consolation or assistance. God's recruited me for a calling that very few would volunteer or qualify for. If he has insufficient discernment to understand how important it would be to win my heart then his intelligence isn't as great as the master. I am who I told him I am. To God's defense, God himself projected me a very distinct image of Disney's own: Goofy. "A-heuhh! thanks Dad"

After I sent to letter I asked him, straight from the source field "Would you like to wear a lightning Rod?" He said "yes". I admire his confidence that leaves him willing to take his chances with God. Is this the shocker my subconscious was referring to?

I support the apostles as leaders in the church but the final answer about sustainment is that they cannot evolve unless they're willing to take scrutiny as an individual, a thing all the apostleship needs to have iterated to them. I sustain their role in the church but not their weakness. Who can see weakness better than I? Jesus Christ and whoever else he has exalted but not many that I have met. There is no shame in weakness and acknowledging it is for the individual to do with in his relationship between himself and God. The sooner we do it, the faster we become intelligent. Add no fornication, other sexual mischief or crimes of violence to maintain that intelligence.

Yes, I will rise but when the time come where you hope to call in favors from the most exalted of the spirits that visited this world you won't have won one of them as it would be illogical for me to not finish my mission. As long as I finish it, See ya later! "Where I am, ye cannot come" And where I'll be will be legions greater than the place you go to if you don't evolve as a spirit being. The only thing that can keep me down is me.

My last thoughts are that if we don't do something with sincerity it gets us no where. If we don't feel to help, assist or give to people we don't win the heart of the man who can do all things. The man who can build you a house in as quick of time as he enlists or a planet or a star will give you nothing you aren't ready for if you don't respect the beauty of that creations from the depth of soul as he requires. If you don't grow you'll never know how deep that rabbit hole goes. No tyrants, nothing but the pure, the Just and the meek will qualify. A homeless man you crossed on the sidewalk may qualify for leagues more than you ever will and in the eternal world you'd rather have been racked to a torture device and tormented with a heated brand than have to deal with the fact you missed out on a the golden opportunities that were given to you to grow and learn to care. Until we grow out of treasure hording, immorality, crimes of violence and other drama we won't be even close to the mark.

Michael C Hall has come a long way since I wrote him and would lend his services to help repair my sink or something else in my house if I couldn't afford it. Kind gesture. I hope that the rest on this list have softened up since I've written him

After I mentioned telepathy in Micheal's letter I've learned that he has ripened his mind for that gift. He also revealed to me in a dream that he doesn't (or at least used to) like his name that much because of its commonality. You kidding me? You're named after the great archangel.

How much is anyone gambling that I don't meet the measure of my potential? Virtually everyone that I've asked for help for in the last year or two and that includes virtually all the adults from my mom's side of the family and if I added their wealth together they'd have many millions most of which would be my uncles. Hopefully he'll help me soon.
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Sep 21, 2012