Telepathic Stalker


Since I was forced to delete my story and my account tampered with (likely by CIA), I will repost.

I met a telepath in California in 2006. We started out as classmates and friends; however, he became romantically interested in me, and he decided to divulge the fact that he is indeed telepathic. He even proved it to me. While I was awed, I was not interested in a romantic relationship with the man. This upset him greatly, and he began stalking me and trying to drive me insane. He is mentally unstable, and I need help.

He says he will sue me for slander, so I will limit my intel. Anyone else with any relevant information on the identity of the telepath or proof of telepathy, please contact FBI immediately. Lives are in danger here as the man is a "telepathically-proclaimed" lunatic, so please, any aid in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

imatigrlvr imatigrlvr
4 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Please understand that we are not all bad people. I invited you to a private chat to speak with some of us.

Is this still happening to you?

If you're for real I can help you. just set up a time to speak on Skype or team speak or something. You're telling the truth right?

Don't know if this will help but when commenting on Chassant's story you mentioned that you could see energy. With a bit of practice I feel that you could use your own energy and manipulate it into a shield. Use imagery in your mind and just focus intently on manipulating the energy to create a shield. Hopefully this will provide a level of protection from your telepathic stalker, make sure you start out small as a large shield is very draining and remember to keep checking it.