It's Just Easier...

Easier to lose interest in the metaphysical, except for private study. That is, for me personally, at least.

I got tired of using telepathy on celebrities, realizing it doesn't really mean much except to a small number of people of observers interested in such things.

Yea. And David Wilcock wanted to know how big my....
...last night. It's better not to "prime the pump" for the few that understand a little about how it operates and have skill or semi-skill in it.

People talk about being professional and reality is just too much for many people to handle and talk about. Awkward feelings about Sex and others about vulgarity are common place in so many peoples lives but the markets of "professionalism" just don't accommodate for them, with the small exception of small parts of the entertainment industry where they're willing to at least talk about them but not take things too far.

Eventually I just decided, who really cares that Mariah Carey told me she doesn't give money away to anyone unless it's to charity... at least that's what I learned a week ago.

Her Magic number is about 20 million dollars. The problem with the source field is there is a great disconnect with how people appear here and what they're comfortable unveiling to you in reality. If you were to ask someone with 20 million dollars "what does 20 million dollars mean to you" they'd likely respond with a look like you're a little crazy or greet you with a smirk, a laugh or something else that won't make anything better.

I didn't even want to write this small tidbit.

Yes I'm good at telepathy but using it takes a lot of mystery out of life, most people aren't comfortable with it, there's little money in being able to interrogate someone by talking to their subconscious and the degree of difficulty involved with getting accurate results consistently require something most people don't want to do: walk the straight and narrow.

This was Eli Manning's Gripe with me after their win against the Saints, citing I didn't have power and that I "sin" too much or some other thought indicating a less than stellar performance before God. Well that's nice. I'm glad that he agrees that real power flows from God and comes from doing the right thing but I wager he was expecting I'd post an article on here after our conversation, giving him a little recognition.

Meh, I'm so over working for free. I might educate a few people but in total scare a lot more away.

There isn't one celebrity that's not scared to death of a conversation with me... except maybe Vanilla Ice. He showed up, confident about who he was and what he's learned in his life. He knows fundamentally that life is about experiencing joy and enjoyment and many people can learn a lot from these basic viewpoints. To him there is nothing else.

Any ways I won't get into why so many celebrities are so timid. I'm not out to get them, just trying to get ahead. I always have some serious money ideas to anyone that wants to convert their existing money into business that can generate large amounts of residual income, yet I get no takers.

When I discuss about how my soul is a lot more ancient than most people it's because it's true. Obama thought he was a little more ancient than he actually is, or at least he alluded to this one time with me on the astral plane.

This is why I know how to direct people to their highest potential and why I know where everlasting treasures really are and at the moment they're all in helping your fellow men out to get them into sustainable states of mind in their spiritual climb and as a civilization.

At any rate I won't be using experience project much anymore, except when I get well-inspired.

I have too many timid and faithless people that would rather not battle me on topics of truth and eternity so there is no need for me to waste my time.

So in total these are a few of the reasons I've stopped messing around with the rich and famous. That and it's just not something anyone really cares for. I don't really care for it that much easier but I wanted to see what persistent "source"ry could really accomplish. Probably a lot more if I would have actually edited my articles, but still not much.

So to my haters, adieu. To the elite, here's your chance to change yourself and prepare because I might pull out some wild cards about 5 years from now depending on my mood. Most the "elite" aren't living sustainable lives both spiritually and economically so this is why I'll probably come out on them in the future.

Get to know me now and you won't have anything to get upset about because you'll know what I stand for and that will be enough to prepare you for the day I'm ready to showcase a masterful performance.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 12, 2012