Why Most People Don't Like A Mind Reader

The problem with mind reading is that most people aren't comfortable with it.

I don't even feel comfortable in saying the name of the last person that showed up and let me read him. He was thinking about getting a hair cut and a hot street bike at the time. Famous? Pretty famous. Ok his name is _e_ _t_l_e_.

Bill Gates thinks I'm a bit of a quack. I say this although I'd love to see where he derived it. This I learned after I prayed that someone would help him not to steal ideas from other people.

At any rate the reason why there's not that much money here except if it were a reality tv show where I went around reading minds in real time. I could hone this craft to make it real time without meditation but not any time soon. Also, the difficult part about it is some people become paralyzed when you suggest you have that power so either way, the amount of uncomfortable people in this business is just too high for me to take much interest in it.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2012