I Don't Know If This Is A Telepathic Experience?

I don’t know if this is a telepathic experience?
I don’t know much of anything in this field but a little bit of information. From what I know about telepathy you able to read the minds of others and even send them messages if your advance enough to do that. But there is also a recoil to that as well if you aren't too good at it then you can wipe out your psychic energy or something like from reading or sending for too long. Again I don’t know much about telepathy so if you could fill in the blanks that’ll be great. Not so sure about my own experiences as well but I would like to know more about it. The telepathy doesn't happen too often or I don’t recognize it consciously from what I can gather about things involving my past experiences with it I think I might have it.
For starters there have been a few times were I've been talking to friends of mine and even to people I don’t know very well and I think I've read their minds without know it or maybe it was a lucky guess as I call it. If I’m about to talk to a friend and they won’t tell me something and I really wanna know what it is they are not telling I end up saying what it is and their shocked that I know what it is. The same goes for other instances where I can hear a random voice or two in my head when I’m relaxed or end up tuning to some ones thoughts. If I’m looking at someone and they stop talking because of a joke they just thought of in their head I’ll pick up on it word for word.
I don’t know if it has something to do with my sleepless nights but with the information I looked up the moments when your relaxed is when your able to sense or read thoughts. Recently on 12/28/2012 that night I was about to go to sleep and I was trying to relax (even though I really don’t know how to anymore) and for a few seconds I was actually able to hear the voice of my mom in my head wondering if I locked the door and soon after that I opened my eyes and I felt really dizzy and weak almost like I was ready to throw up which was way odd because I was feeling ok before that. I can’t really recall any other experience that I’m fully aware of but I’ll try to think of some others.
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You can call it telepathy but it's really just your mind converting your mothers concerns and feelings into words.

It doesn't mean she was conscious of it but I've had similar experiences and yours may be a perfect quantification of what was in her heart for you at the time.

Maybe so but for now all I can try to do is practice on it until I get a little better at it. What's cool is that I was driving on the freeway and I tried to read the mind of the guy in front of me. I couldn't get anything as words but I was able to get his intent on the movements he was gonna make before he turned and used his signal lights. I gotta admit it was pretty cool :)

Well, on the surface it's difficult to learn the intrinsics of telepathy and what counts as telepathy and what doesn't.

Here's some things that I know. People have a personal barrier as I mentioned. This will make it so that you can connect better with some people than others. Most people describe this as whether the other person is "open to it".

Telepathy in essence is like communicating without words. And quite literally without words because you don't use language. You use intent as a means to communicate. Perhaps you might have noticed in some anime's like Naruto characters saying they a "murderous intent" from the bad guy's hiding in the bushes. That is how you talk. And you can refine it from, very rudimentary intents as like vs dislike to something more specific like, 'God that outfit looks great on you!'. It's a matter of distinguishing the subtle differences in vibes.

Some telepathy or mind-reading is confused with a deep (sometimes partially subconscious) understanding of a person. With your friends for instance you could argue that you just predicted what they would say by purely reasoning about it.

But it's not so difficult to verify telepathic connections. Events are a good example. At one point I was noticing an awful feeling and it somehow popped to mind that it had to do with my girlfriend at the time. So I took note of the time and asked her later if she was upset at that time. And turned out she was upset at that time in particular because she found out then one of the puppies she loves was really sick. That's not something you can anticipate on, based on your knowledge of a person and is easy to verify by keeping notes of it.

Another thing is if you have a friend that says they are good at this, send them a message out of the blue and have them repeat it for you.

Other than that, I think your intuition is leading the way for you to discover new things already and you have a decent skill set already to start out with.

I completely understand what your talking about by intent recently there have been moment were someone would be talking to me and their tone or body language never changes but when they finish a certain sentence i'll ask them "Why did you say it like that?" And they will look at me odd and say "What do you mean?" i'll repeat what they said and say ask them again why they said it like that. And strangely enough they'll give me a answer which is funny and crazy at the same time, along with the Naruto thing i know there are also things about chakra's i should probably explore. But in a way i had an experience similar to that from a anime called Bleach i can't really say if it was spiritual pressure or not but it was weird.

Ah, if you like the ways that anime can describe spiritual phenomenon, you should definitely check out Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's the best work I know of. They really did their research on the spiritual field and embedded it in a very profound level into this series.

Yea i seen avatar the last airbender and i didn't really pay to much attention to that aspect of it but i got a response from someone on my empath experience and they said i'm sensitive to and i don't have a barrier blocking out the energy or something like that