Telepaths Sending Real Life ******** Too?

Is there any people here who has been involved with unwanted telepathic communication?

Have any of you experienced that this happens in real life too? (People who follow you, violent people, rude people, people who mock you for being different even if you do exactly what others are doing?)

I listen.

nottellingtomuch nottellingtomuch
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

You mean being Gang Stalked? Yes, all my life. I never experienced V2K. I think you nailed it. The fact that the gov. has the tech to impersonate God and like the Judas this government is has lost control of this tech and not any gov puppet can play with it. It dont sound like you have fell for any of the lies. Bravo my dear friend. Im GB

For me I've quite a few telepathic experiences some I can recall others I can't but it's very strange when you don't know what it is. And now that I know I have the ability of a telepath I feel kinda bad cause I've read some people's minds without even knowing it, recently I actually tried to read someone's mind just so I could practice with it and it actually worked. I still have to develop it someone more but I'm sure i'll get there eventually.

As far as the second question of yours it's really hard for people to sneak up behind me and that's always happened, as far as people being rude and mocking you behind your back and stuff like that. You might be sensing their emotions toward you along with how their aura's are towards the type of person you are, that's more related to empathic abilities. But it is possible to know exactly what their thinking or get a image of what their through telepathy.

Hopefully you are able to figure this all out in time I wish you the best of luck