I See 11;11 Before Death

I have posted this on several forums, with no result or logical answers and a lot of "oh no, she can't" thoughts added probably.

First I want to start with; I have no telepathy this lifetime (because I have been followed and brainwashed and born into a negative occult atmosphere where absolutely nothing can blossom).

To the point; I have seen 11;11 before people die and I would like to know why they are doing this and why they have not taken my life too but warn me before people die instead?

(This may not make sense, but for full telepaths it does so I will not bother with further questions.)

nottellingtomuch nottellingtomuch
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I too see 11:11 and its happening for the last two years and i am not dead. After that i have started becoming telepathic. I'm able to change peoples thoughts and some time i'm able to make them contact me within a day. initially i had time lag in doing things now i can make things happen within hours.

What religions have you been? If your like me I think I can explain. If your being Gang Stalked then you know Gang Stalking is a multi year take down program that we are put thru without our consent. All abuse is meant to look like mental illness. Its purpose is to make any that speaks out about mind control look crazy. Your NOT crazy. Your not alone.