Help me with my 'astral Studies'

There have been 3 well-known people that called me by name while I was sleeping.

I'm trying to confirm if they tangibly know my name. It's important because if all 3 know it then it's possible that only people that know my name have power to call me by name.

If none or only 1 or 2 know my name (and i'll assume they're being honest with me) then it suggests they don't need to know my name or who I am to call me by name

Eva Mendes did only hours ago like she was reaching out telepathically. "Bruce".

Jessica Biel and Deion Sanders have also called me by name. I could have sworn I heard Allison Mack call me by name also but I didn't write it down so I'm not sure and won't single her out.

I have wondered if it's a signature of someone to let them know they know me, heard of me or know what I do or have some conscious knowledge of who I am.

Hopefully they'll come forward. Other well-known people may know who I am but aren't particularly interested in making contact, at least not yet that is.

I could use telepathy on them and I am skilled enough to get a viable answer but I don't use telepathy on people that aren't comfortable with it and because it can take an hour for them to finally answer my question and the answer is often encrypted in symbolism so I just don't like to do it. The number 1 reason I don't do it is because no one is comfortable that I can. No one will work with me if they don't feel comfortable with me so I have to agree not to cross this line. Like anything you can't get a master to say something he doesn't want to but if you haven't researched this step of evolution of the human mind you will never know how to arm yourself.

Tonight I know Simon Baker has some empathy for me tonight. I often award people for having their heart in the right place so they can realize how important it is to care.

Don't fear me, a smart person will simply just milk me for what I know.
TheTristman TheTristman
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

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