Telepathy W/ Julia Stiles

The problem with dream telepathy is that it is very seldom for people to wake themselves up, and then write it down. If they were to then things would get quite interesting.

So here was my conversation with Julia stiles that occurred around 5:00 am PST.

She was freaking out as she was speaking to me, troubled that I was designed to kill people.

I corrected here and said I'm only here to become invincible. And of course that just means putting enough math together to know how to protect myself from any ill.

This freaked here out a little less: "and you're smart enough to make that happen?"

I indicated that life was merely a game of intelligence

She was busy talking to someone that was probably there with her. It sounded like her boyfriend. They exchanged a few words

the last thing she wanted me to do was spell a word for her. It was "imposition" or something close to that. I asked "Did you mean impersonation or imposition?"

At any rate I think this was a case where experimentation registered on someone's subconscious with things pertaining to chi. The flow of electrons between me and another person can get quite violent I suppose.

So this suggests to me that what we do can impact the subconscious of people aware of us, and perhaps even those who aren't.

At any rate about mind-way through the conversation I told her: "you're welcome to write this down"

If she heard it and doesn't then it will be another case of a person's conscious and subconscious mind conflicting with each other.

One mind says "It's no big deal" and the other is more inclined to say it like it is. Which one is right? The subconscious or the conscious self. If the conscious self is lazy or cowardly then it doesn't matter how wise a person is on a subconscious level. Materializing real wisdom is more important.

Any ways, I hope this was amusing for some of you.
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