Normally i'm not the type of person who asks for help a lot but there's always that one time. So with the discovery of my power it's a little hard to try and understand it since i'm aware of it now. Along with that I don't see how people go through their lives without recognizing this amazing ability even though it has it's ups and downs. To me this a secret I really keep to myself away from everyone else cause I have the feeling they would never understand it at all maybe if it was a movie or a tv show sure but somethings aren't the same. People always tell me I should be a mentor or counselor of type cause I know how to make them feel at ease in any situation their going through. But at this point and time I feel like i'm the one who needs the mentor or counselor the most, someone I could go to everyday to get a better and complete understanding of what i'm going through cause having no control is something I can't deal with anymore. I'm now aware of energy signatures, people's emotions, vibes, and even thoughts, in a way it's odd cause I always told myself that if I ever had any type of powers I would never use them on a daily basis turns out subconsciously I've been using them on and off most of my life without even recognizing it. Although it's odd not feeling what I've felt in the past everything in the present is just a little more weird then I thought it would've been.
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PLease contact me. I would like to talk more.