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Reposting my thoughts responding to thoughts on schizophrenia for additional conversation. My mother is schizophrenic and I have a long family history of "insanity" or auditory gifts. I am extremely sensitive to others thoughts and emotions and was often confused as a child when a persons words didn't match what I knew they were thinking and feeling. I had one experience in my life so far where I briefly was able to hear the thoughts of others. I was in a crowd and it was bizarre and mundane run of the mill thoughts that would get louder and clearer the closer the person go to me and then disappear as they walked away. Things like, "I am so tired, when will this shift be over." or lustful thoughts or "I wish he would shut-up" they were just ordinary unfiltered thoughts of everyday people that were mostly negative and judgmental. My experience with my mother and her schizophrenia when she is unmedicated is a bit different, like having a radio with all kinds of dramas playing out on different stations and just switching the dial every now and then. She will also take bits of conversations she hears and weave them into her own narrative. I've often wondered if she is like an open channel and just unable to control what station she picks up or to distinguish it from the present.
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