Inescapable Conclusions

Call me crazy if you like. There are some doctors that would agree with you. However I know what I experienced and saw. Sure it could be all in my head, that is the most rational solution. First, I think the rational unaltered brain filters out the connection we share with everyone during our mundane day to day existence in the Newtonian deterministic world. It is only when we are in an altered state that we are aware of more. Seeing what I saw was worth the ensuing 3 week hospital stay and the ongoing group therapy which I am going to just to humor my humorless wife. So far it seems you need to not sleep or sleep very little for 3 days, and get very high on high grade marijuana, then let the telepathic games begin. It does seem to be a group sport with abilities pooled or magnified by numbers, and you seem to be a transceiver of intention. My plain white bathroom changed colors, had patterns and produced a visual display right out of the bible, it talks of being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, they were human shapes that I was allowed to briefly glimpse, a window into a higher dimension I am presuming and guessing. It was spectacular, I thought I vaguely make out dead relatives and people that I knew. it was a vast crowd many ranks deep, people of all sizes and descriptions, in shinning luminous anthropomorphic forms, like the great multitude in white under the throne as talked about in the book of revelations. Maybe all that bible reading warped my brain, There is an equation to this it cannot be expressed in precise mathematical terms, but it is there, oh and the washcloth hanging on the wall swung back and forth by its own, I saw that, it happened. This is a poor pale account of a very vivid and rich experience. It is along the lines of sympatric magic. My dreams since have been very lucid and orderly not like the usually dream logic, but rational and plain. So something of the ability remains even though for political reasons I have been off the weed for a month now, It is either weed or the marriage and frankly I haven't made my final choice yet. Enough crazy ranting for now. Its all true.
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I've never done drugs, but I know what it's like to be exposed to what society swears up and down is impossible. I don't think you're crazy.