Ok, here's the deal. :) Hm, I'm young, scre*d up, funny, amusing, more or less good looking, doing stand up comedy and love it, interested in politics and studying political science, independent, stubborn when it comes to the things that concern me, Capricorn, romantic, enthusiastic, sad, anxious, smart, I like people, listening to their problems and shearing mine with them, like meeting new people and socializing, like dancing my head off, like having wild and gentle sex at the same time, like having fun and living life intensely, I write poetry and articles, I'm interested in art and spirituality, I'm not religious, I like friends and they are very important to me, I'm someone you can rely on, I'm bored at the moment cause I'm doing a pause with my college and stand up and I'm doing that pause cause I have an identity crisis and my anxiety has gone wild, so I need to sort myself out. Besides that, I'm quite cheerful and like meeting and interacting with new people, so, feel free to text me. Yeah, and I'm new here so I don't know, I feel a bit odd just to text someone out of nowhere. But I won't mind you texting me, I'll be glad if you do it actually. And I don't mind you being any kind of fu*ked up case or weird in any way. :)
Vrime Vrime
22-25, M
Aug 28, 2014