My eye color is Hazel.My eyes change color depending on what color i am wearing.Also,I have been told that when my mood changes so does my eye color.
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eyes reflect the colors around us, and what we are wearing, they usually don't change color

I have.hazel eyes and they.change too

I also have hazel colored eyes and have been told the same!!!

It sounds cool, but it's not true. It's more likely to be affected by how dilated your pupils are, and the colors around you (clothes, walls, etc.). My eyes always look a more vivid green when I wear plum or tangerine.

Stlmo8 are you sure about this??? Lol, im just kidding. ...honestly I am color blind so don't really see any way :)

And, when my eyes are irritated (bloodshot), they look VERY green.

Are you saying you are irritated? Hehehehe

Not at all. Bored and a little short on fun though.

Im sorry. ....hey I also noticed that fruit colors make ur eyes green

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