Brown Eyes?

When I was a kid I wanted to have blue or green eyes. I always thought that brown eyes were just so plain. Well, apparently my brown eyes are not so plain. As I got older people started asking me if I wear contacts or "is that your real eye color?". I thought to myself: Of course it is! Who would want to pretend to have brown eyes? I've grown to truly love my eye color though. Its sort of an amber color. This doesn't usually show in pictures, but it has on occasion. When it shows in pictures people who have never met me in person think its just "red eye" from the camera flash.

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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Yes, those are my real eyes. If your avatar is your eye it is also beautiful. :)

If the eyes in your avatar are your eyes, then you have beautiful eyes.<br />
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My eyes get better as well as I'm getting older.

LOL thanks :D

its pretty no matter what color you call it :p

Not according to ID cards. lmao<br />
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My eyes look brown, but when people look me in the eyes and really pay attention they see the red tone. In the sun the amber color is more obvious.