My mom has told me that my eye colour have been changing since I was born. It was first blue for a long time, then turned grey and evolved into green to dark brown over the years. A friend always said that my eyes chance to green when I was really angry.

Today my eyes are two colours, green and brown. at night it's normally more of a dark green and in the sun it looks caramel around the iris with spots of green then a dark green circle effect. I find it a bit strange but amazing. 

Wonder what my eye colour is going to be in a few years or even later today. 

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

U have a gentic disdoer but u are blessed to have this, its a birth defect!! I have a best friend whoes eyes are yellow, blue, and brown and his har is half white ( cotton top) and the other half is black( jet black), I think its so kool and too be honest I am jeasoule because he gets a kool and hot look without having to wear contacts or dying his hair, its an awsome thing!!