I go through periods of stress like anyone else but I do not feel the effects of tension until things have calmed down. Is that normal?
Jadana Jadana
36-40, F
6 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Yes, Jadana, you're getting a bad "fallout" reaction, but other than the severity of it, this is totally normal for a large chunk of the population. It's the reason behind clich├ęs like "Oh man, I need a stuff drink now that's over". You're dealing with being human. Being human isn't easy, and it didn't come with a manual.

Man, you guys are on it. I can go long periods handling the stress but my outlet is not very productive. I get anxiety attacks for a couple days.

It's very common in "together" people. We are handy to have around in a crisis, but we're only human, and it has to come out eventually. If I've had a lot of stress I realize it when I find myself stuck in the bathroom for an hour. For some reason stress attacks my digestive system. We're all different.

With mentally, stressful situations I do what you're talking about, J. Esp. if it's a situation that goes on for days or week. By the time the problem resolves I have a total physical and mental melt down, that requires a day or two to shake off a hazey grog. I really can't explain it other than it's like excersizing too long, being extremely sore the next day so you take a break, and by the day after you feel like a complete different person! :)

Calm under stress, freak out when everything is okay. My mum is like that too, she hates blood, but when my sister needed stitches she was perfectly calm, comforting my sister, helping keep everything together until they got into the room where my sister was getting her stitches, then my mum says "I think I need to sit down now" It's not so odd at all I think.

I used to get that all the time at work. High stress job environment. Solve the problem now, worry about it later. Can be quite handy, so long as you can find a reliable outlet for it.