Would You Plan Your Own Funeral?

Often, people who are old or terminally ill don't want to leave this burden to their loved ones and sometimes they would just like the opportunity to celebrate life rather than mourn death.

We see this act as a celebration of life and we think it should be as personal and unique to each individual as possible.

We are making a TV documentary about people who are planning their own funeral so if you have any ideas of how you would like to plan yours we would love to hear them.

Please email: alice.smith@wide-eyedentertainment.com

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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I've told family that after any usable organs have been taken I want what's left disposed of in the least expensive way possible. I believe that's going to be cremation. I hate the idea that my broken body will become a financial burden for my wife in a few years time.

I'm alive (LOL) but wrote my own obituary, funeral arrangements paid for (cheap, cremation). Costs are nuts and money better for the living. I want no service/gathering. They are depressing. Also have details of where, who, how to dispose of possessions. Buried both parents + handle estate. A year of hell in both cases. Mine will be burned, junk gone, in less than 2 weeks.

I was in nursing and have also worked in a morgue. No embalming fluid for me.

I want to be simply washed, dressed in my long dark purple Holy Clothing Dress (sort of Medieval, beautiful stiching, cotton with embroidering), wrapped in a clean white 100% biodegradable burial shroud and buried (no box) in a six foot hole to decompose naturally and give back to Earth what little I can to nourish her.

We take and take and take from our beautiful planet - when it comes time, I simply want to go back to the Earth and maybe plant a tree over me.

Don't forget to add my four dog's cremains with me.

My husband of 38 years says he doesn't care what we do with his body - it's only a shell.

A good site you might find interesting is You Tubes Ask A Mortician. She is cute, perky, funny and very interesting. Good site for answering all those secret morbid questions you wonder about but are afraid to ask.

She answers questions in a respectful and dignified manner and her videos are never depressive because she adds a little humor to it.

One thing we all have in common. Life is the waiting room for your appointment with the grim reaper.

Our real home is with God, our Heavenly Father, this "life" is just so temporary.

Comforting Blessing

May you see the light in the darkness during these challenging times.

May you feel the loving presence of those who hold you in their thoughts & prayers.

May your spirit find what it needs to sustain you on this journey.

May you discover your inner strength & face all difficulties with dignity & grace.

May you be filled with comfort, love, strength, grace & a lasting sense of peace.

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