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I Wont Let It Happin!!!

im actually somewhat of a pretty boy. Im growing my hair back out like I had it when I graduated high school. I will NOT grow old! NEVER! my 21st birthday is coming up and I will stay 21 forever! The year after that will be by 21st birthday again, and the year after I will turn 21 again! I will not grow wrinkles, I will NOT hit 30, I will NOT lose my hair and nether will my hair turn grey, NO! I will keep my thick sandy brown hair that I love so much. I wont part with it. Sure I have an acne problem, but its better than wrinkles and on days where my acne is not acting up I cant help but gaze in the mirror at myself, specialy now since some of my hair has grown back... maybe im somewhat of a narsacist? who knows thats not the point, I will not become old...I shall stay young forever. 30 dosent exist >_>
Krie Krie 22-25 3 Responses Mar 26, 2011

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nice, i wish i were a guy like you, i really don't want to get old... at least you're optimistic

Maybe I can throw a bit of optimism at you. I feel similar.<br />
<br />
First, I don't think it's vain. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look nice.<br />
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Lately, what scares me the most about aging isn't the health changes. I'm optimistic most of that will be fixed in the next few decades. It's actually the social situation that bothers me the most. Older people generally look worse, or at least that's the way of thinking. It's not always true. What is true is that it also means I can't fit in with the general, younger crowd. I'm too different! I would not mind aging nearly as much if I knew I would have control over my appearance. What if we all stopped aging at 21, or 25 or 30? Then age would truly be irrelevant! :)<br />
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People have always been searching for a way to control the aging process. I always took comfort in the idea, as a kid, that we might some day find a way, and that will save me. If not, at least we might be able to regrow organs, or create new bodies for us to transfer into, or something. However, modern science seems to have a bit of an edge on this. I was ebullient when I heard that Harvard reversed the aging process in mice. Regardless, there are a lot of factors in the study I can get into that state that this arguably worked under certain conditions, but the fact remains that it happened. Recent research also shows why we age, and many companies are working to find telomere inhibitors to control the ways cells age. (Tip: Googling "telomere" might make you feel better.) I am confident that we can find a fix for this in the near future, but these research scientists don't get government funding. Their research isn't published too widely.<br />
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One thing I do to take comfort in aging is try to push for a cure to aging. What I'm doing is trying to spread the word about what the scientists do, help wherever I can, donate my time and services to these research institutions, and hopefully this will be something that's available for us before it's too late. I think that if everyone does just a little bit to help and show their support, we will have an answer to the aging problem in no time.<br />
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There are some people who say that they're comfortable with aging and death, and say that it's natural. I admire their contentment, but I don't follow it. Shoes aren't natural and we use them. Neither are medicines, or cures to diseases, and prosthetics, but life is better because we have them. I think those who are comfortable say they are because they've accepted it as an 'inevitability'. But it's not inevitable as long as we push this science. :) Hey, I'm a man of science, and I have faith that we can take care of this problem, especially since it plagues everyone. We can all relate to it personally.<br />
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There's so much that I love about life, and I want to experience it for as long as I can, in a body that's young, with the people I love.<br />
<br />
I hope my words have brought some comfort. You are not alone. :)

well if u dont want to lose ur hair dont wear a hat to often it adds to hair loss if u wear one every day for hours at a time