Time Goes So Fast....

I can't believe I am going to be 26 soon. I feel I have achieved fudge all with my life and it depresses the hell out of me.
I have no partner, no friends left and my only social life consists of spending time with family or going to exercise classes alone.
I also still live at home.
I am petrified of turning out like my aunt who is in the same position but 43. Although she can afford to move out but choose not to, for fear I guess of being alone.
I am terrified that in a few years I will be 30 and so my life will seem even more strange to others then it is now.
I am scared of watching everyone else get married, have kids etc. I am scared of being known as the strange, shy old maid who still lives at home and lacks social skills. I don't know how I ended up here but what I do know is that if things haven't changed by the time I am 30, I will be in a much worse state then I am in now.
Sometimes I can't believe the turn that my life has taken. I never thought all these things would happen to me. When you are younger, you are so disallusioned. You think it will all come to you naturally and for most people it does....for me I doubt it ever will.
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2 Responses Jun 16, 2011

i didn't even really date until i was about 26. before i was 29 i was married. now i have 2 sons and grandkids. things can change rather quickly. best wishes.

"for me I doubt it ever will" It's time to believe in yourself ... To make a difference. It's never too late and we're never too old to explore and to learn.<br />
<br />
Don't let any of that hold you back to live the life you want to. If you think you will be lonely, then you will be too (self-fulfilling prophecy). But if you believe there's a lot potential, then you'll be surprised about what you'll achieve.<br />
<br />
In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an<br />
invincible summer.<br />
-- Albert Camus (1913-1960) French Writer