Old Lady La

Wow!  Age is all relative.  How old would I be if I did not know how old I am?  I would be 37.   Inside I am still young with a chance for a future and plans to impress.  Outside I am 63 year old lady with knee replacements and a broken ankle.  I watch my over weight self limp in the mirror and sometimes I wonder how much longer I will last and how will I go.   I am retired, widowed, 1 child whose is 40 something and no grandchildren.  I can spend days and weeks without people contact.  I cannot even find volunteer work.  I feel lost and without id.  I wonder what's it all about.  I cannot possibly know the answer to the equation as long as I'm a part of it, but still I wonder.  
nobodyknowswhy nobodyknowswhy
Apr 13, 2012