People Make Such A Big Deal.

I'm kind of two ways about this.... I myself don't want to age because my looks will go. I know that's terrible to say but hey, we're here for the truth. I guess I hate it because men are still deemed handsome when they're older but women? Women are seen as past it when they're in their 30's! That's ridiculous!
And that's what I hate mostly, that people make such a big deal about age - who cares how old someone is?? What does the amount of years somebody has been on Earth got to do with whether they should be deemed as past it, over the hill, etc etc.
Age shouldn't be such a huge factor in who someone is but unfortunately it is. And women are never going to be seen as 'hot' when they're older in the same way that an older man can.
FairyCandy FairyCandy
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I totally agree: I have mixed feelings about turning 30 (I'm 28). I know it's vain but I hate the fact of aging physically. Like you said, it seems that women don't count anymore when they reach 30 (and there's a double standards between men and women about this).
It is strange because nowadays, thirty is still young.
I don't feel old and I don't care about people's age as long as they're still open-minded.
Take care!