Inside of Me Feels 30 Yrs But I Am 53 Yrs

I don't want to grow old and not be able to draw, do crayon work, I feel the pains of aging, yet my inner self feels like the man of a 30 year old when I "m now really 53 years old.

Ratfink Ratfink
51-55, M
2 Responses Aug 29, 2008

Your as old as you feel or as you want to be. If you have your health be grateful. I'm 58 and have diabetes and so dose my lifelong buddy and they just removed 2 toes from him and the Gagarin is apparently coming back. I just finished 6 weeks (3 months ago) aggressive radiation on my neck for a lymph node cancer they removed Dec 31-10, and I am not complaining. The young boys/men I saw at the cancer clinic missing legs etc sure made sure of that. We cant change whats happening to us as we rust but we sure have all the power in how we respond to these changes. Acceptance is the key to gratitude and their is nothing more classy and inspiring than a nearing retirement type and beyond who exudes these quality's and always has time for others. Good Luck friend.

Good grief... you're still a young pup! :O

yea right at age 50 you NOT a young pup ! ur middle age for god sakes