Its Stupid

im not even 25 yet, but i swear i see wrinkles, and i just dont want to age.  the women in my family age really well, my grandma is in her 80s and looks like shes in her 60's.  my mom is in her 50's and looks like shes 30!

but my dad looks alot older than he is, and im scared im going too get his genes.  i know its vain, but damnitt, i dont wanna look old!!!


destiny420 destiny420
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 30, 2008

lol, i know what you mean... ive realied some what on my, lets say, assets, lol, and at least im still perky, but once i start loosing my lift, lol, im sure ill notice a difference.... <br />
yeah, men have it easy....

I understand. I am a smart, sucessful business woman (age 28) but I am terrified that I will not be taken seriously anymore once I start to "slip". I mean (not to sound full of myself or whatever, but...) I've always been able to use my looks to my advantage. I'm so afraid that once I start to "look old" I will have nothing to fall back on. UGH! It would be so much easier being a man! Good luck, honey!