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I never can get into a relatioship, afraid of hurting people or getting hurt and then later find out that it was a good relationship and want to get back into it. By then its too late and I actually did end up hurting the person and they dont want to get back with me. Need help and opinons.

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2 Responses Jun 15, 2007

Knowing what little I do know about you, I'd say that you should learn from your past experiences, and tread carefully and slowly. Don't get into a whirlwind relationship and then run out of it. Get into it calmly and slowly - just the way we warm up before exercise so that we don't hurt ourselves. You behave like this because you are already hurting. People that you love are hurting you; but don't let that make you bitter - this should not affect your future... And take it easy... there's no hurry!

i cant help as much because i feel the same fear. but i think that we both need to realise that its ok that nothing is forever. just enjoy the moment you are with them. make it special, if you can and if you want. quality not quantity. and who knows, in time maybe something will grow out of it. but its prolly best to go into these things kind of oblivious.