Why I'm Still Single

 Every time I date someone, I do so willingly, I do every thing a girlfriend does except say I love you. Usually I respond with me too or  a kiss. When they start to talk about getting married, I start looking very closely at them and finding all the flaws. I try to find some reason to leave and sometimes purposely pick a fight in order to leave. That is usually when the psycho behavior starts. That gives me even more reason to leave. All the problems start as soon as the "M" word comes up. I even balked at marrying my oldest son's father who I loved intensely and still do even now 17 years after we broke up.     

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3 Responses May 21, 2009

it all depends on you. people say they cant commit, yet they commit to jobs they hate, apartments they cant wait to leave, their children. you need to think of you and what you want. you dont seem to be upset by this lack of commitment, then you are doing what is best for you.

There's nothing wrong with not being ready. I would say that once the years roll by in any relationship...the key things that really matter are respect for one another as people...friendship (of a relaxed sharing and understanding of one another as well as fun-loving nature towards each other) Sex...looks...yada yada are just the icing to the cake.<br />
For most people the prior comes first in picking someone right. Thats why so many relationships are over before they start.<br />
Theres a world of people out there....don't look for a mate (your doing alright I think)...look for a friend first and if you find him to grow on you in the right places...then maybe hes the one for you. Only you will know for sure.<br />
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Too many people fall in love and want to get married far too easily for my liking. Lust...passion...closeness etc are the things we need from time to time....but in most cases its not love. Its just a refill at the local gas station...LOL and on we go with normal life.<br />
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So your not doing so bad by not being ready....You'll know it when the right guy comes along...and if you push him away...then you may have an issue with getting close...until then don't worry too much...just be happy and let the rest happen if its meant to happen.

Yes hijack your own relationships before they leave so you are not the one getting hurt. I read between the lines.