I Find This Oddly Funny....

I feel scared of commitment, as much as I can whine about not being in a relationship, I actually am terrified with the thought of it.  I mean commitment entails everything; being faithful, my freedom, everything becomes "ours" instead of just mine.  And today I just realized how much I hate sharing things like my car, my cell phone, my bed (no I'm kidding about the bed lol).  My very good friend Joanne and her family have been needing me for transportation lately and they all know I like her brother Junior (who is married but separated) so they will say "Junior drive me to school, drop off my boy at school, drive me to Mc Donalds" And I had it out with them today! I said "This is MY car! Not Juniors! Just because it looks like me and Jr are together doesn't mean he owns everything I have now." Which it does btw ... It really looks like me and Jr are together and that is ticking me off, because we aren't, and he is legally married, and I don't think they are getting divorced... I hate commitment to the point of becoming anxious even when I hear of other people being committed.  Like my ex ... he just got engaged and he has been only dating this woman for a month!!! And he calls her son "ours".... Like OMG!  People who are committed are crazy lol.

kaytiej kaytiej
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010