Shiver Me Timbers

We aren't talking about a simple fear of crickets here.  I have full-blown PTSD when it comes to these loathsome creatures.  I actually get so worked up when I encounter them that people seriously question my sanity.  But, I don't care.  I can't help it.  They freak me out.  Just looking for the photo for this group made me break out in a cold sweat and now my skin is crawling and I keep thinking there's a rogue cricket in my hair. 

When I was five, my aunt locked me outside during a locus swarm.  They stuck to my clothes and got tangled in my hair.  My aunt stood on the other side of the door laughing like Jim Carey just whispered the punchline to a joke in her ear.  It was one of the worst experiences I endured as a child.  For the record, this is the same aunt who wound up dating a guy that she knew raped me.  Needlesstosay, I hate her. 

Still, I'd take the crickets over her any day.

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OMG!! I feel for you girl!!
I didn't have something that traumatic happen to me, but I definitely sympathize.

I have something beyond a phobia when it comes to cave crickets (a.k.a camel crickets; sprickets; critters) ughhhh...just thinking of it freaks me out soooo much! I have had NIGHTMARES about these, what I consider, DECEPTICONS! They're a slight against God and all things holy! I got soooooo terrified, to the point where one was climbing a wall in the garage, and I was probably like 3-4 ft away...I was frozen stiff, afraid that I was trapped in the garage indefinitely, and couldn't speak, only cry's terrible..I panic if I see them and scream half the time.
When i go into the garage, I have to inspect every area I can before stepping in to make sure none are there. And I swear that they fake their death just so you go away or "ignore" it and then waits for the perfect timing to be able to signal an army of these things to all come and get its leader (which to me would be like a 10 foot tall one, and like the apocalypse) and I'll die...I know realistically the chances of that are not likely...but it's one of the most horrific things imaginable!! (At least in my opinion).

The more you accept your fear and accept that it is perfectly natural in your case, the better it will get. <br />
Don't second guess yourself. What goes around comes around and your aunt is with an abuser. Who would you rather be?????<br />
Use her as an example of what you never want to be.

Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with my aunt in many years. She lives in Florida and I live in Massachusetts and soon I'll be moving to Connecticut. <br />
<br />
I appreciate all of you who have commented here.

As far as your aunt is concerned.............. Stay as far away as you can from her... she will never have your best interests in mind because of her jealousy of you.

Wow, that's bizarre! In my background, crickets are good luck, and in nature, they eat harmful insects and give us music on warm nights. I love crickets!

Acck! Stay away from that woman! What a sicko! I don't know if this will help you but it helps me. Somebody told me years ago that crickets are good luck in the house. That was all I needed to hear! I actually feel the warm fuzzies now when crickets take up residence in our attached garage every year!

In China crickets are good luck... A cricket isn't the same as a locust.<br />
I routinely pick crickets up and return them out doors if they get in my garage.<br />
I use to have a fear of snakes like yours is of crickets.<br />
I went to someone who I knew wasn't afraid of snakes and asked hime to hand me one when I said the word NOW to him.<br />
2 weeks passed and I had gotten my nerve up and I went to him in biology lab and said NOW.<br />
He went and got a baby black snake put it in my hand.<br />
I let the snake crawl around my hand for a few minutes.<br />
Form that point on I was no longer irrational in my fear... in fact I hepled a 6 foot long Black snake to get untangled from netting last year.<br />
Face your fear as you can... It will make a world of difference.

I don't blame you. Most fear like this takes time. Study your fear, what makes them contol over you. Find its weakness, its beauty and whats its really good for. (fish bait). Go to a bait shop, and most will sell them by the numbers. Thats when your fear is gone.