I'm Not Terrified

of elevators i just don't like them to the point that i will avoid them if possible. I have never really liked them but didn't mind ridding in them if i had to but only if there were other ppl in there with me....at least until i started working at a retirement community. The elevators are shaky and are really dark (which i'm also scared of lol) and ever since i've ridden in them i have panic attacks it i get in one...Esclators give me the creeps too...I don't know why they just do and i will avoid them at all costs...even if it means taking the stairs to the 12th floor lol i just don't like them. And i'm not scared of an elevator getting stuck or falling...I'm scared of something reaching down from the roof and grabbing me...again i'm not being rational here but i can't help it...and esclators well i'm not sure what bothers me about them...again i just don't like them lol :] well thats pretty much it for my weird phobia...any advice??

Adaire89 Adaire89
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2009