Failing Is Not Possible

Failing to me means that you decided to do something and were not able to.   The key word there is decide.   I have an story to share that will be a good base to discuss.  I used to smoke and tried to quit several times.  It would always follow the same pattern.  Feeling that I should stop, but very aware of how hard it is.  I would choose a day, try really hard not to notice people smoking, would avoid all situations that triggered the need to smoke.... that would last maybe a day or two before I would crack.  I NEEDED to have a cigarette. 

I did eventually quit.  It was easy.  I mean it!  I didn't plan it out, I didn't worry about failing or suffering..  I just decided that I didn't want to smoke.  My body obviously argued and protested, but that only served to reward my decsion to stop.  I had stopped! 

The only difference between the two, is the "decision" to stop.  You know when you really decide something and when you do, you always succeed.  That is the key.  Deciding means believing that you will do what you decide to do.  

So it stands to reson that if you fail, it is because you decided to fail and believed you would.  I had decided to avoid situation that would force me to fail, I was deciding to give myself reasons to fail.  When I really quit, I would go to coffee with my smoking friends and feel a great joy of smelling the smoke and reaffirming my choise, my decision.

I have bassically "failled" at alot of things, and I can see that in each case, I had chosen to fail.  I also succeeded in some things and with surprising ease too, I might add!  

I now choose to succeed. 

benruco benruco
41-45, M
Aug 10, 2007