I Am Scared Of Being A Bag Lady On The Streets

an old bag lady homeless and sad sack

I believe this is my future already.

nothing can save me from it

its all due to the trouble I have caused others

wanting things
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3 Responses Apr 17, 2011

Hi, every single woman on earth probably has the same fear, and I too worry about being a bag lady... I have no job at this time and my money is running out and I am scared. I secretly joke about being a bag lady who can have the most beautiful cardboard box house under the overpass. But joking aside, it is the state of mind and the worrying that gets that statement from me... I know that what ever we face we must clear our minds of the bad things, I sit quietly and pretend to use a broom to sweep out all the bad thought and place the good thoughts in my head. Then I FORCE myself to count blessings things that I can have or do. And next believe that Heavenly Father will be there for me no matter what kind of things I have done... and some way out of the negative fear of being a bag lady. I have something to hold on to and go another day and realize that it will change. Which remarkably it does. I watched a movie called "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" for older adults who did not have a lot of money and still had a choice to live and have a life. I guess it made a huge difference ...knowing WE are not the only one worrying about being a bag lady. We all worry that we are going to be out in the streets and hope, faith, and staying positive creates happiness no matter where we are. Bless all of the women who have to pull it alone without someone to be there... for we are a strong group 56% in America. We are all here for you....

Baby! Ive been there more than once! The more it happens,the harder it seems to get back on track! If you ever want to talk, Im more than willing to talk to you! Let me know!

all is not lost. you can rise up and re live your life. i am not sure if we are in the same situation that of a failed marriage.but if you would mind, i could share my experience with you.