I Am Scared To Be Alone And I Am Getting Old I Am Scared

I look all the time for some one .
And be alone every year scared me .
I don't know what to do .
I am scared to die alone.

And I don't have family .
Then I am scared and every one that are really not your friend.
But you talk to .
Say don't worry..

But you still down in your heart you know that know one is going to be
Because there is no one there now.

And it scares me in lot of ways.

ladywolf123 ladywolf123
51-55, F
4 Responses Dec 30, 2011

I hope to join a church next Sunday. It is several miles away from where I live, but it is the sort of church which is supportive and where people care about each other. I already go to a support group there, so know a few people. The problem is that sometines i get so lonely that it is hard to motivate myself to go out. I always have to push myself.

That is nice you are doing that.
i like the church i am going to and it is fun.
And you have a nice day

I am sad that you feel the same as me, but also glad that I am not alone in thinking and feeling the way I do. Like you, I am going out and meeting people, but finding that one rare soul with who I can really connect and begin a loving relationship with is starting to look like an impossible dream.

yes i am getting out and going to church. and then meet a realy nice guy and we are doing well and things are work out.

I know that is how I feel to .<br />
And I am meeting people .<br />
But I am scared and have hard time with that.<br />
Thank you for write to me .

I am scared too, because I am on my own, with no family. It is hard enough and lonely enough now, but will be a lot worse when I am older, (I am 54), unless I meet someone.<br />
Being so alone is destroying my peace of mind and my life.