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I am 30 years old.  I have only had 3 real boyfriends in my life.  One lasted for 3 years, one lasted for 6 months, and one is long distance that is still ongoing. I would like to get married ot my current boyfriend, but we need to live in the same place for awhile before I can officially decide that's what I want.  I have tried dating here in my city, but nothing has worked out.  We are currently apart because of our jobs.  Hopefully this will be remidied soon... but it's out of my hands at the moment, and I'm waiting for my employer to tell me that I can transfer to his city.

I am very scared that if I do not get married, I am going to live a life of isolation and loneliness.  It has already started.  All of my friends all married, and do things with other married couples. My one single friend who has never had a boyfriend in her life, actually has a boyfriend now.  I spend 90% of my free time by myself.

I am an only child with a small family.  I am very close to my parents, but I am afraid that when I am gone I wil have no family at all.  I am not close to my extended relatives, so it would be very uncomfortable for me to continue having Thanksgiving and Christmas with them after my parents pass.


I am so afraid that I will end up alone..... with no friends or family. 

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Thank you for your comment. I actually broke up with the guy last year because the long distance thing was just too hard. I actually did date a handful of other guys, but I just didn't enjoy any of it. Well, I take that back - I had fun on the dates, but I just enjoyed them because it got me out of the apartment and actually doing something in the world. But I never felt any real connection with any of them to want to turn it into anything more than just a date. The long distance guy and I continued to talk during this time, and saw each other a few times. And now the opportunity to move has come up. So I'm just waiting and hoping it works out. It's completely worth it to me to move, and the only expense I will incur is the actual moving expense. If it doesn't work out, then I can just transfer back up to Atlanta... or somewhere else if I choose (I work for the federal government). The guy can't move right now because he owns a condo in Florida that he can't sell.<br />
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Anyways, i will keep you guys posted on what happens :) Thank you for the support!

Hi, you are only 30. You still have many years ahead to find a great guy. It sounds like you found one but are not absolutely sure because of distance. Try to get involved with local people, its the best way. Now is your time to get out there more and meet lots of people, just in case the long distance one does not work out. All the best and keep me posted.

Welcome to a crazy addiction! LOL<br />
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My fingers are crossed too! I am a sucker for happy endings! Hope you stay on EP for a while and write plenty of them!

Thank you for your comment :) This is my first day on EP, and you are the first person to respond to one of my stories. Your comment gave me a moment of peace, so I'm thinking this site may be a positive thing.<br />
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Right now, I just have a lot of anxiety about whether/when my employer will let me move. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be soon.

You are not going to end up alone! You have a great guy (I hope he is everything you want!) that is willing to have you. Just make sure you really can trust him before you move your entire life to him first though. Other wise there are plenty of long distance relationships out there with happy endings! I wish you the best of luck!