I Just Hate Needles!

Why can't there be some substitute for needles! Or why can't they give some anesthesia before hitting with the needle!
I just hate needles...
SunnySmile SunnySmile
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3 Responses Jun 1, 2010

i seriously cringe whenever i even see anyone else getting a shot let alone me getting one. i went with my mom to the doctor and she got a shot, she had no ex<x>pression on her face, it was me making the faces. if i am watching something on tv about doctors like mystery diagnosis or ER and someone is getting a shot i have to look away, i cant stand to even look at it.

same lol

My personal experience has been that if I don't look at ALL, just look away so I don't even know when they're getting ready to stick the needle in, that many times I don't feel anything. So much so that the person giving me shot has had to tell me that they're finished and I can roll down my sleeve and leave.It works best for me, but everyone is different.

My friend brittany hates needles too....she cried when she got her ears pierced....but just recently, she had her first shot without crying...i think the trick to taking a shot is lettting your arm go limp (dont flex it or it will hurt reeally bad) and look at the shot...dont look away...i think if you can see whats coming you are less wary about it