Not Really But

 I just flew on different  CRJ50's and the second one was falling apart. As we took off the panel just behind the wing exit fell off. I told the stewartess who kind of just didn't seem to care about ANYTHING


Delta is scary but I lived!!!

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It was the hooker boots. They make her not care.

DAS, I fly almost once a month on several different planes so if the panel was coming off it is just cosmetic don't worry about it too much they will fix it on the next maintenance cycle. If not sooner.<br />
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I know it doesn't make flying easier for you but not all planes are that way, some of the smaller ones are older and don't look good.<br />
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It will be okay on the flight back you won't have the same plane going home on and it will be better.

You would have to be insane NOT to be scared of that Delta !...DD