Part of the Job

As part of my job I listen to and give many presentations throughout my day.  It is not unusual for me to be on conference calls sometimes 12 hours a day.  I really don't mind giving presentations as much as I do listening to them.  See I find it hard to stay awake through some of them because let's face it the topics aren't too interesting and when the person speaks in a monotone voice it seems like they drone on for hours and hours endlessly. The least they could do is add interesting pictures or provide breaks in the monotony.  So yes I hate listening to presentations to the point that I feel terrorized and victimized sometimes.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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5 Responses Oct 9, 2008

Well if I fall asleep I just got in trouble.

I couldn't do that I would be moveing around to much or sleeping

LOL thank goosness most my presentations are on conference calls and usually with people from many different countries. Sometimes I can get into the many different accents or counting the number of times the person says umm or other nervous phrases. I am evil and I know it lol.

Lucky you can give them, I freeze up in front of people. Im really shy. When listening, I like to sit in the back row so I can lean my head against the wall if one is there, and hope the speaker don't notice my eyes close every now and then. Yes it is rude.

LOL - a little extreme? I can understand it though. I just gave one yesterday. It was supposed to be at least 30 minutes, they cut my time down to 20, which not enough time for what i had prepared.