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As part of my job I listen to and give many presentations throughout my day.  It is not unusual for me to be on conference calls sometimes 12 hours a day.  I really don't mind giving presentations as much as I do listening to them.  See I find it hard to stay awake through some of them because let's face it the topics aren't too interesting and when the person speaks in a monotone voice it seems like they drone on for hours and hours endlessly. The least they could do is add interesting pictures or provide breaks in the monotony.  So yes I hate listening to presentations to the point that I feel terrorized and victimized sometimes.

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My manager sometimes complains that he spends part of his weekends working, at home, though not on phone calls or meetings. I did tell him I thought it wrong but he seems to accept it's part of the role - well, he is paid a lot more than I am!

My remarks on 'Powerpoint' presentations came from observing large gaggles of customers on shop-floor tours that also involve them being shown pretty pictures on a large screen within the work-room. There are usually two or three or so, eyes glazed, taking more interest in the work going on than in gazing dutifully at yet another screen.

I recall a symposium in which about half the speakers were professional, the rest amateur, in their field.

Of them all the worst was one of the professionals who had to be told to stop eventually, he was over-running so badly before even summing up!

It's not something I've ever had to do, nor will I, but I do feel sorry sometimes for all these managerial types forced to sit through each others' self-important 'Powerpoint' slide-shows! Meetings, whether local or by conference call, are a great way to impart an air of Great Importance rather than actually doing anything productive.

Further, regarding 12-hour conference calls, there's something very wrong with any organisation that makes its staff (of any level) feel they have to waffle on for 12 hours. I imagine after a few hours they would all be too tired to make any real sense or make proper judgements. It also suggests the participants were incapable of precise, concise discussion - but many business types are not precise and concise even in writing!

Thanks God they are not 12 hours straight but I did sometimes work 12 hour days with many conference bridges in a day. I should have written that better.

Well if I fall asleep I just got in trouble.

I couldn't do that I would be moveing around to much or sleeping

You probably don't miss those presentations, especially if you were just dialling in. My sense of mischief makes me enjoy the ones that go wrong. Thinking of live presentations, there was my able colleague, whose equipment failed completely, after she had started, managing to reinvent her presentation, to a big audience, without a single slide. Or, in the days of acetate slides, the scruffy visitor who clambered onto a stage with an armful of slides, which he dropped on the floor. He wasn't able to rescuse the situation, but ploughed on, with his presentation jumbled up. Or the environment lady, again with a huge stack of slides, sending half her audience, literally to sleep. Another spectator kept staring around at everyone, pointing out the sleepyheads, while she carried on, obviously furious.

Nobody ever sleeps through my presentations, as I make them do things or ask questions!

LOL thank goosness most my presentations are on conference calls and usually with people from many different countries. Sometimes I can get into the many different accents or counting the number of times the person says umm or other nervous phrases. I am evil and I know it lol.

Lucky you can give them, I freeze up in front of people. Im really shy. When listening, I like to sit in the back row so I can lean my head against the wall if one is there, and hope the speaker don't notice my eyes close every now and then. Yes it is rude.

LOL - a little extreme? I can understand it though. I just gave one yesterday. It was supposed to be at least 30 minutes, they cut my time down to 20, which not enough time for what i had prepared.