Grandpa Got A Treat.

I met this nice man at Starbucks in Dallas. He was very distinguished and I estimated his age at about 60. To my surprise it turned out he was 72 and I liked him from the very first moment we met. We began meeting for coffee and as we became tight I found out he lost his wife a few years back and he learned I was having sex with my father.

Ernest, his name, was speechless when I told him about my daddy and he was not judgmental and told me it was my life and if I got joy from sex with my dad then go for it. He admitted he had a grand daughter and it had crossed his mind a couple of times. He then said he put it out of his mind and would never do anything to hurt his baby.

We went on like this for a few months when out of the blue Ernest said he was having a birthday. I asked him if there was anything I could get him and he said he had everything he needed. It was then I had an idea. I asked him if he wanted to have a day with me and he could choose the relationship we shared?

You could see the wheels turning in his mind and he laughingly said what he would like I probably wouldn't. I asked him to elaborate and after coaxing him on he said he would like to be boyfriend and girlfriend for a day. Hell I can make that happen and asked Ernest if he wanted a boy-girl sexual relationship for one day? Sheepishly he said it had been his fantasy since he met me.

I checked my calender, school and all, and we settled on the following Saturday. We still met over the next days and he took every opportunity to convince me he would understand if I blew him off. He apologized every day until Saturday rolled around.

When Saturday arrived I wore my most appealing outfit and met Ernest at Starbucks. He was dapper as always in a nice suit with an open collar. He brought me flowers and a nice card expressing his love for me. It was so sweet and I have to admit I was looking forward to what Ernest had.

We had lunch at Cafe Brazil and he opened the door for me and we held hands and I kissed him. When we got to the car I reached over and put my hands on his thigh and asked him to take me somewhere, anywhere, and **** me. He blushed and drove to a Marriott.

We got inside and got into the bed. He undressed me and after lovingly kissing me from my head to my feet, he gave me the best head I have had in my life. The man had a tongue like a obligatory and he hit all the spots. I was ready to **** him silly and when he took his clothes off I was in shock. The man had a **** like a radiator hose. If it was an inch it was ten inches and as big around as a beer can.

I felt pain and unbelievable pleasure as Ernest entered me. Slow and steady the man ****** my brains out for two solid hours. He must have came five times and I lost count at twenty five. He came in every orifice I had and the deep anal was a new and amazing feeling. I had no idea something that big could get inside me. Not only that but he buried his monster to his balls.

When he came in my mouth I was overwhelmed by the amount of *****. It came out my nose there was so much and that was his fourth load. I have had sex with over a hundred men and boys but Ernest was the best ever.

We had a great day and I have added him to my list of **** buddies. I never knew an older man could be so caring and alive. I have begun to call him grandpa and he calls me Hope, after his grand daughter. I even wear a red wig for effect.

Oh and by the way..this is a one hundred percent true story.
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you sound my kind of daughter

Big Steve, if I were your daughter, would you **** me?

Beautiful...and so good to know that someone else understands that love isn't required to have loving sex.

I could be your grandpa and I would treat you the same,except for my size!

That very sweet of you to make his day.

Damn he is one lucky man!

A really hot and arousing story. I wish I were your grandpa :)