Meeting the One

EP has been wonderful to me.  I have met many wonderful people and have been able to unburden my heart and my problems with support from a variety of wonderful people.  Furthermore I have been able to delve in many different interests of mine form love to lust and to meet other nudists who love to enjoy the freedom of being natural.

However the most important thing is the relationships which I have built with other EPepeeps and one in particular who has become my love and inspiration.  Thank you EP for this wonderful introduction and thank you my love for everything else!

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6 Responses Apr 22, 2009

im so happy for you guys! i love ep.. it has allowed me to meet new and wonderfully diverse people.

im vert thankful as well.

it has been fun

Awwww... now I want to read them.

You are welcome my sweet and wonderful woman. However, I will save the juicy love stuff for our PM's :-)

i agree :)