I Have Been So Blessed.

I have been given so much, none of which I deserve its almost embarrasing. but here goes

! relationship with God

2. my eyesight to see and to read

3. LOVE      of a huge famiy, 4 brothers their families. two of the most wonderful people in the world as parents. Husband who for some reason loves me. My two blessed children. My neighbors in mi town mi state mi country mi world we are all one in love we just don't always know it.

4. food macaroni and cheese, spaghetti with cottage cheese,  chinese (the brown noodles) piled high with broccoli and mushrooms and bourbon sauce poured on top.

5 our cars that still run

6 that we still have some money

7 coke 0 with ice

8 that I am not fatter than I am

9 beautiful things to look at and enjoy

10 a daughter who is a walking sun,

11. a nice home, heat (electric heaters too) soft bed, clothes, washer and dryer, electricity  computer TV cats and dogs horses

12 that the bird is maybe going to straighten up.

13 past vacations and all of those memories

14.that at one time we did have lots of money

15 freedom from pain and suffering (biggie)

16my beautiful silly friends.

17. that I was able to see kids grow up.

18 that im smart enough to know u all are bored!!  have a very special day.

springinmeadow springinmeadow
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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I loved your list, Springinthemeadow. Everyone should be so wise as to make a gratitude list to count their blessings.<br />
Number 12 made me smile so much. I once had a bird that I so hoped would straighten up-- a cockatoo that was a rescue bird that I dearly loved but who had real problems from the treatment he got in the past before I tried to help him. Alas, I never had experience with a neurotic cockatoo before, and he was not straightening up at all. But through an odd synchronicity I came upon a very knowledgeable woman who had an aviary that was home to many rescue birds who were happy and healthy and she did know how to help this lovely cockatoo. She took him under her wing (I couldn't resist the pun!) and he is thriving! And she insisted on giving me a bengal cat in trade who has turned out to be a wonderful companion to me. All's well that ends well!<br />
<br />
May your life be filled with blessings.