I Had Great Teachers When I Was In School

I liked most of my teachers. They seemed to care about me. I had teachers that went the extra mile. I liked that a whole lot. I love it when teachers are willing to help you out. I don't like the ones that don't care that much. I have had some of those teachers. They where the worst teachers that I had. I guess that could be why I had a hard time in school at times. Because of the teacher. Its sad, to think that it can reflect on the kind of on to the teacher. If they aren't that great at all. I just wish sometimes that teachers where there for all of the students.
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1 Response Feb 22, 2011

Nice to hear your opinion about teachers. I totally agree with you that the teacher should care about their students. I am an English teacher, I usually teach adults but also young pupils in extra curriculum lessons, homework help. For me I take each student seriously and try to find out their interests, strengths and weakness's and help them wherever possible. For me I always say there are no bad students, only bad teachers who don't motivate their students, or are only in it for the money. My greatest reward from teaching is not my salary at the end of the month, but the smile on my student's face that says "ahhh, I have understood and now it is fun to learn" no salary can take the place of that smile. A teacher can only measure his or her own success on the success of his or her students. If the students are not successful then that is a sign of an unsuccessful teacher.