Nothing Went As Planned ......

Today, NOTHING went as planned, and what a treat of a day! I'll name 5 things I loved about today, but I could give thanks for more....

1.) An unplanned call from a dear friend.
We laughed, then laughed some more. I sure needed to laugh and it was a joyful exuberant release. When I laugh whole-heartedly, I snort... ( typing that made me laugh, but did not produce a snort...) much snorting occurred during the fun phone call. I would type a snort sound right now, but can't figure out how to type the sound of a snort. Why don't YOU try?!

2.) My Sister called.
" Hey Kath, have you eaten?" I had JUST taken a sumptuous " lean cuisine " out of the micro, but had not even taken a bite....( saved! ) Sis wanted to pick up Chinese, then meet at Mom's so the three of us could eat together. I shoved that lean cuisine in a bag and into the fridge before you could say, " combo number3." Which leads to:

3.) Mom's Christmas Tree
Since Sis ( not her real name) and I were together, we decided to assemble ;-! And decorate Mom's artificial tree. So real, so lifelike, so fragrant.... So not. Anyway, my Sister works full time. When she isn't working she is very good to help me with Mom care, providing me a welcome break. We are rarely at Mom's at the same time for that reason.Gee, I love my Sister, the best Sister in the world.

The Commissions
Having completed one commission yesterday ( see a portion of it in avi) I worked on two others a bit today. I'm seeing the end in sight, and Christmas gift purchasing money in my hands. ( I give mostly contributions as gifts )

5.) An extra fun day...all unplanned
... And I have no guilt as I look at the NEKID tree and the strands of lights still on the floor. The tree smells so good!

I plan too much. I don't have much spare time, so when I do, I plan, I book it solid. Today was just plain a day filled with surprises. ( I just unconsciously stopped and put my hand on my heart) Pretty obvious to me that I am full of thanks. Indeed! I am so thankful for this day, I needed it so badly, it felt like medicine.
If you haven't laughed in awhile, you should. I wish you plenty! Oxo ... And by the way, Happy Holidays! Love, Kath

Kathieredart Kathieredart
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Love this story :)
Thank you :)

We all need surprise happy days. Wishing one for you REAL soon Tas.,oxo Thankyou for your friendship. ;-)

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day...and that it was full of laughs and fun too! I do know how much you need those...and I wish they'd happen more often for you.

I wish they would happen more often too. I'm in training for February! ( snort, snort)

Such a nice person taking care of your Mom all the time. You certainly deserve a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing with us.

:-). Thanks, you 're a good friend C. Oxo